To my sisters,

Thank you for making me an aunt.

Those few words cannot possibly express my gratitude adequately.

You haven’t just given me lifelong little friends, you’ve given me so much more.

You’ve given me the gift of clarity—of what I want in life.

Becoming a mom had always seemed like a milestone I would reach at some point.

As I got older and approached childbearing age, I started to question my capabilities of becoming a mother and whether or not it was necessary for me.

Perhaps I would be the aunt who traveled the world and brought home the coolest treasures for my little friends?

But the first time I held my baby nephew in my arms—just days after he entered the world—I knew instinctively that my desire to become a mother was very real and any questions or doubts quickly dissipated.

I’ve cried many times holding your babies, because my heart was totally full of love—I truly didn’t think my heart could expand any further. That is, until you added more little friends to my rat pack—one after the other!

My heart is so big now it could burst. Will it when I have my own children?

You’ve given me the gift of pure joy.

Nothing makes me smile wider than my nephew asking me to hold him. Even if it’s only because I’m tall and closest to the cake.

Nothing gives me more satisfaction than my newborn niece settling in for a nap in my arms. ?

Nothing makes my heart skip a beat quite like my niece and nephew’s toddler belly laugh. ?

I am forever indebted to you for giving me these moments of unbridled bliss and liveliness. ?

You’ve given me the gift of motherhood role models.

Watching you become mothers has been remarkable.

Never did I think we would have a stronger bond than the one we forged growing up, but our relationship has grown and matured over the years, largely due to your journey into motherhood.

It has been humbling to watch you care for these vulnerable newborns and mold them into sassy, creative, curious toddlers.

I often get overwhelmed watching it all unfold because it is! I am in awe of what you do.

How will I accomplish everything you do? How will I ensure the proper balance of watching Dora and practicing ABC’s? Is there gluten in that? Will I need to wear pads forever after the baby is born? Newborns don’t always automatically know how to latch? What if I’m not the perfect mom? Will I pee a little during those belly laughs? Every time?

I have so much to learn. And I’m so lucky to learn it from you both. (Actually, I thank God you had children before me to be honest.)

Unknowingly you have already taught me the answers to these burning questions.

There’s no such thing as perfect.

You learn on the job.

We all learn from one another.

Fake it till you make it.

Yes, you will pee a little when you laugh, sneeze, cough, and jump. #Kegels

No one knows your child better than you.

Your child’s laughter is always the best medicine.

So thank you for these lessons, sisters. I am now only slightly petrified—but mostly super excited—to join the sisterhood of the motherhood.

Knowing I have you paving the way for me gives me great comfort and confidence that I will be able to raise a child in this world.

With much appreciation and gratitude,

Your sister