Living away from family is hard. It's hard on me as a mother, especially during those hazy fourth trimester months or when I try to work from home with two little ones clamoring for my attention. It's hard on my children, who adore their distant family and miss them desperately. And it's especially hard on the grandparents who hate to miss a single moment of my children growing up.

The pandemic hasn't helped. Whereas we used to see grandparents every few months when they would make the out-of-state trip to come see us, now we're resigned to regular video chat calls and social media to keep everyone connected. Even with those options, it was hard for everyone to feel like there weren't moments being missed between each post.

So when my parents' anniversary rolled around, my siblings and I wanted to give a gift that would help us bridge the distance. I had been looking into getting some kind of digital picture frame for my parents for months, but when I first saw the Loop, I knew it was right for our family.

What first sold me on the Loop was the convenience. Once it was set up, my parents sent a digital invite to my siblings and me through the app so we could start sharing to their feed. From there, we could share pictures of grandkids, videos of their antics, and even video chat with just a few taps on our phones. Those in-between moments that I might not want to share on social media? Now they could be shared in real-time safely and securely with my family.

Speaking of set-up, I loved how quick and easy it was. My parents aren't always the most technologically savvy, but the Loop's user-friendly interface has you up and running within about a minute of turning it on. My parents can even like and comment on photos when they appear on the frame, helping us all feel connected throughout the day.

The best part? Every time we upload new photos or videos, it's like sending a brand new gift—and it helps us all feel a little closer, no matter the distance between us.

Loop digital frame

Loop digital frame

The retro-style frame has two knobs that resemble the kind you'd find on a vintage TV—the top flips through photo colllections while the one on the bottom changes the channel. ("Channels" are essentially albums that you can organize via the companion app and share to Loops that are connected to your private network.) The top is touch-sensitive. One simple tap "likes" a photo—a feature our family uses daily.