My love,

I just want you to know that I see you.

I know these two and a half weeks have been a whirlwind. Being a parent of two has taken its toll on us mentally, emotionally and physically. When we aren’t too busy being exhausted, we can’t help but soak in how stinkin’ adorable these two blessings are. Although they take up so much of our time, energy and focus, I want you to know that not a second has gone by where I haven’t taken one look at you and thanked God that you are mine.

In the craziness that is parenthood, it’s easy to let that define you. While we and our family fall more in love with how adorable our children are, and while we take endless pictures of them napping and playing, I do not want you to lose sight of the fact that I still see you.

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It’s easy to forget that it’s OK to take a second to remember that not only are we mom and dad, but we are also each other’s partner, best friend and husband/wife. Even in those hours where our son wants to play “to infinity and beyond” and our baby girl needs to be put down for a nap because she refuses to sleep for me, and we are in separate rooms for entire afternoons, you have never been closer to my heart than you are now.

I see all your hard work as a mom, but I also see you.

Seeing you transition 100% from that wild, carefree, spontaneous girl that I fell in love with, to being the best mother I could have ever asked for my kids to have has made me fall more in love with you than I ever thought possible. From being so patient when our son throws a tantrum because he now doesn’t want the Capri-sun that he just asked for five seconds ago, to taking notes on every one of our daughter’s diapers—you, my love, amaze me every single day. All the while, please know that I see you. I see all your hard work as a mom, but I also see you. Your kind heart, your generosity, your love.

I see and cannot help but find myself swooning over just how beautiful you are. How even more beautiful I see you today than the first time I laid eyes on you. With the changes your body has gone through to carry and deliver our two babies, I can never thank you enough.

I see you look at yourself in the mirror as you go through postpartum and get discouraged because of the extra weight you put on. But babe, I love every pound you gained because you were nurturing our healthy babies. I love every stretch mark that formed while our babies stayed in your belly a little extra because, let’s face it, being so close to your beautiful heart is like having a little piece of heaven.

So babe, yes our lives have changed so much and will never be the same, but I am so ready to continue this wild journey with you. Just know that during those 3 a.m. feedings where you are pumping and I am bottle-feeding our baby girl and we are talking about what her poop looked like, I promise those conversations are just as exciting to me as when we would talk about our goals and dreams eight years ago.

And as you are sitting on the couch (fast asleep after you requested we stay up and have a movie night) with your hair in a messy bun and an oversized Braves t-shirt, you have never looked more beautiful to me. I hope I never forget to tell you that.

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Before we know it, our babies won’t be babies anymore and we will long for these days again—as exhausted and as drained as we are. Although we both say that we are soaking up this time now, I just want you to know that the memories with you—being supermom and still the most gorgeous girl I have ever laid eyes on—will also stick with me. Although in a few years we will have more time for us... for you, at this moment, has never been greater. I love you so very much.

No matter how crazy our lives get from here on out, just remember that I see you. Yes, as a mom, but also as a person. The most beautiful and wonderful person. The most selfless person. The person I am so thankful is the mother of our children. The person that I will spend the rest of my life loving and being completely in awe of.

Your biggest fan