2017 brought us some pretty spectacular baby products, but we're now looking ahead to the new year and all the new gear that it will bring us. So which baby trends will reign supreme in 2018? From compact strollers to products that will help us keep track of baby's health and sleep patterns, we're forecasting the baby trends we'll be seeing and wanting more of this coming year. Here are 10 baby trends to look out for in 2018, and it's looking good! 1. Sensor Technology. Parenting, especially in the early days, can be nerve-racking. But with the development of more and more tech-savvy baby gear, parents can breathe easy and, dare we say, even get more sleep. From the SNOO to Fisher Price's Sproutling to Hatch Baby's smart changing pad, baby's been soothed back to sleep while you've been able to keep track of his sleeping habits and track his health metrics. And in 2018, the trend of sensor technology stays strong. Cybex just introduced a new convertible car, the Sirona M, seat with a sensor that alerts parents when they accidentally leave their children in the car, if the child unbuckles the seatbelt or if the seat becomes too warm or too cold. Another notable addition is the Cocoon Cam, which closely monitors your baby's breathing and sleep with just the camera -- no wearables needed! 2. Compact Strollers. It all started with the impressive fold of the Babyzen Yoyo, and it didn't take long for other brands to realize parents love a stroller with a compact fold. So Baby Jogger released their version called the City Tour, and so did Cybex with Mios and its one-hand standing fold. And let's not forget the ultra compact, Pockit from GB. Up next, Uppababy's Minu, and Ergo's first ever stroller, the 180. 3. Hybrid Carriers. Hybrid carriers are perfect for those who want support, structure, softness and fashion all in one. They're ergonomic and super comfy for baby AND your back! After launching their soft-structured, waistband-free carrier, Onbuhimos, Sakura Bloom introduced the Scout: a carrier that mixes the adjustability of the Meh Tai, the comfort of a structured carrier and the beauty of a ring sling. Other brands, like Cybex, Happy Baby and XOXO have also come up with hybrid carriers that snap around the waist with a buckle but have softer bodies than most structured carriers.


4. Colorful Cribs. While a neutral crib is timeless, we're expecting them to get a whole lot more colorful and fun in 2018. Some of our favorite brands, like Bloom, Babyletto and Land of Nod, are already offering colorful cribs, and we're happy to see more brands jumping on the bandwagon. The Noni Noni Crib, which you can build without any hardware or tools, comes in unique colors such as soft peach and sky blue. 5. Innovative Pacifiers. Pacifiers are getting more and more innovative, and for good reasons. The Doddle Pop, also known as the cleaner pacifier, features a nipple that pops back in its own protective bubble when it drops. Smilo's pacifier supports baby's growing palate to promote healthy development. And Joovy came out with the Silinoogie pacifier, which comes in a version that glows in the dark, so that your little one can find it easily at night. 6. Fanny Packs. Yes, you read that right: hip bags are officially back, taking baby wearing and hand-free parenting to a whole new level. All your essentials for baby's outing at your fingertips? Yes, please! We love the one from Herschel; and Twelvelittle, known for their rad diaper bags, has introduced a straight up gorgeous fanny pack. The one from Rais Case is also sure to elevate your parenting style. 7. Jarred Baby Food. We want to feed our babies healthy, delicious food, but we don't always have time to make it all from scratch. Enters pre-made, jarred baby food. Plum Organics launched Baby Bowls, organic purees packed in light-weight bowls that can be tossed in the diaper bag for healthy eating on the go. And Little Spoon completely reinvented baby food with their subscription service that ships fresh, organic meals right to your doorstep. 8. Subscription Boxes for clothes. Speaking of subscription services, Old Navy is the next company to launch a kid's clothing subscription box, called Superbox after the success of babyGap's OutfitBox. How does it work? Each box contains six items at a reduced price, you keep and buy what you like and return the rest! Effortless shopping at a savings? We can get down with that and have a feeling this is going to be a huge trend in 2018. 9. Merino Wool Car Seats. You may already be familiar with merino wool. It's that incredible natural material that's super soft, breathable and, as it turns out, naturally fire resistant. Be on the look out for more baby products made with this material in 2018. You'll soon be able to purchase car seats made with merino wool from three of the biggest names in the car seat business: Uppababy, Nuna and Clek. 10. Innovative Breast Pumps. Breast pumps have gone through a bit of a revolution, and we expect the innovation will continue into the new year. Breast pumps have become quieter, smarter, and more efficient. From cordless pumping from Willow and NUK, to pumps that connect to your smart phone from Naya and Medela Sonata, it's a whole new ballgame when it comes to breast pumps. And if you ask us, we think it's about time.