As far as we’re concerned, grandparents are pretty much the best.

Who else can you count on for last-minute babysitting, a million warm hugs, and always a cookie or two tucked into your pocket? Here are six of our favorite ways to give back to grandparents—

1. Artifact Uprising Prints

image 3221

Sure, your in-laws love following you on Instagram for daily grandkid updates. But for memories worth even more than a double-tap, there’s Artifact Uprising. The easy-to-use service lets you create high-quality photo books, prints, cards, wall art, and other gifts out of your personal photos with special details like gold foil, wood block print holders, and glass float frames.

Pro tip: Print photos straight from the VSCO CAM app or Instagram using the Artifact Uprising app—because no one has time for extra downloading.


2. Chatbooks Subscription

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We’ll admit that Chatbooks are the saving grace for busy moms everywhere, but they also make awesome gifts for grandparents who want something a bit more tangible to show off their grandkids when their friends come over. The app lets you create custom photo books in seconds using photos from Instagram, Facebook, and your phone’s photo storage. You can even set up a subscription service that will deliver a book to your kids’ grandparents every 60 photos you publish—automatically! It’s the gift that gives all year long.

Pro tip: Use a specific hashtag to filter which photos make it into your subscription books—unless you want that random (but undoubtedly gorgeous) selfie included after all.


3. Custom Family Tree Painting

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We love this gift idea for celebrating the family that your baby’s grandparents started. The custom paintings can be personalized to include additional generations and color preferences, so it’s guaranteed to be treasured for years.


4. Canon Selphy Wireless Color Photo Printer

image 3224

Did you forget to print those photos you promised to bring Grandma? …er…again? That’s why we love Canon’s Selphy photo printer. It wirelessly connects to your home’s wireless network and is Airprint enabled to print from an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Gift the grandparents their own and wirelessly print out your photos every time you visit.


5. Hallmark Recordable Story Book

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Okay, technically this is a gift for your kids, but the joy it brings their grandparents will make it all worth while. Hallmark’s recordable story books are durable and easy to use (even if Gram and Gramps aren’t the most technologically savvy). You can even re-wrap them for future holidays and turn the books into a favorite tradition.

Pro tip: Encourage grandparents to record questions as they read to make the books more interactive. For example, “Clare, can you find the baby lamb on this page?”


6. TinyPrints Personalized Glass Ornaments

image 3226

These customized glass ornaments are a great way to share your family holiday photos every year. (Hey, you spent all that time getting everyone cleaned up and smiling. Show that off!) Grandma and Grandpa will love hanging each ornament on the tree as the collection grows.

Pro tip: No time for Christmas photos in baby’s first year? Repurpose your birth announcement shots. We promise no one will complain about the excess cuteness.


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