Pumping isn't particularly fun for anyone. But it's something you may have to do -- whether if you are a working mom, planning on a trip or wanting dad to feed baby every once in a while. Though having to pump your milk can be tedious and time consuming, equipping your breast pump with the right accessories can make all the difference.

From fashionable apparel that offers easy access for nursing or pumping to milk storage solutions, moms need products that they can count on. Here are six items that pumping moms swear by.

1. Loyal Hana Fashions. We are in love with Loyal Hana's offerings. The founder bases all of her designs on the concept that the right clothes have the power to make the modern woman feel confident, capable and beautiful. Their Christy Top is one of our favorites. Designed to take you through your pregnancy and nursing journey, this super soft top has a fitted silhouette and classic crew neckline. But the best part is that this top has hidden zipper gussets at the chest for easy and discreet pumping, too.

2. Sensible Lines Milk Trays. Now you never have to cry over wasted milk, because you can thaw only what you need. Invented by breastfeeding, working moms, these sleekly designed and easy-to-use sensible storage trays freeze breast milk in one-ounce “milk sticks" that, unlike ice-cubes, will fit through any bottle opening. The lids are specifically designed to block out freezer burn, eliminate freezer smells and can easily be stacked to maximize your freezer space. Plus they are made from BPA-free and PETG plastic, a medical-grade plastic that meets the highest standards and are manufactured in the USA.

3. Rachel's Remedy Breastfeeding Relief. We recently added these relief packs to our store, and they have been flying off the shelves. Rachel's Remedy relief packs are the only FDA-cleared moist heat or cooling relief product available to help with the problems and discomforts often associated with pumping and breastfeeding. These relief packs slip into any bra and provide moist heat while a waterproof barrier keeps mom's clothing dry. Plus, you can use them before you start pumping to increase your milk production.

4. Pumpin' Pal Angled Flanges. These angled flanges – compatible with many pumps on the market including Medela -- promote better flow, can reduce irritation and help prevent mastitis and other infections caused by plugged ducts. But the best part is that you can sit back in a more comfortable position while pumping. Our moms call this a front and back saver.

5. Oxo Bottle Brush with Stand. A bottle brush seems like a simple item, until you are cleaning bottle after bottle for your little one. Then you truly come to appreciate how a great brush can be a life (and time) saver. The Oxo brush has both soft and firm bristles to get the job done on any size or shaped bottle. And as a bonus, inside the handle there is a bristled nipple cleaner to get milk residue out of tight spots in nipples and breast pump parts.

6. Milk Storage Organizer. Pumping moms can get overwhelmed when they try to freeze, store and organize their milk in the freezer. But it doesn't have to be that way. This spring-loaded drawer freezes milk flat and pushes it up to the front, so just load the rack from the back and grab from the front.

Pump pictured: Lansinoh Smartpump Double Electric Breast Pump.

Written by Amanda Cole, founder and president of Yummy Mummy, a breastfeeding specialty store and support center in NYC. Amanda opened Yummy Mummy in 2009 after shopping for breastfeeding products for her daughter and thinking “there must be a better way." She envisioned and then opened a one-stop-shop for all things breastfeeding that offers daily classes and support groups for expectant and new moms.