Sure, buying all the baby things online, from the comfort of your own couch while breastfeeding and in between laundry loads, is easy. But nothing beats the fun of walking into a store full of baby essentials. Not only can you look at and feel the products in person, you can get hands-on expert advice and guidance from the owners. If you're in Atlanta and are looking to stock up on unique baby clothes, gifts and toys, don't look any further. We've rounded up the best baby shop in Georgia's capital. Here are 8 of the best baby shops in Atlanta. 1. Seed Factory. Located right in the heart of the Westside of Atlanta, Seed is nestled among the trendiest and most popular shops. They offer anything from toys, books, clothes, to even furnishings. They have one-of-a-kind baby gift bundles and are definitely the place to stop to find something beautiful and of high quality. 2. Blabla Kids. Blabla Kids is located in the neighborhood of Virginia Highlands, right in the city. They are known for their handmade eco-friendly toys, especially their dolls. They have an entire wall of dolls featured in their shop that is just magical! A great place to shop at, if you are looking for a unique lovey for your little one. 3. Happy Mango. This shop is eco friendly, and serves their customers during pregnancy and beyond. One of the greatest things about Happy Mango is that they are not just for the baby, but for mom as well. They pride themselves in providing playtimes, playdates, educational classes, and events. They believe that motherhood isn’t something that you should go at alone. On top of all of this, they also have incredible natural products ranging from bath soaps to furniture. 4. Baby Love. This boutique is focused on providing local, recycled, wood, natural, organic, bamboo and ethically made products -- from toys to educational items that are carefully made for kids up to 6 years old. They are also the go-to spot for anyone interested in cloth diapering, and the owners there make sure that sustainability doesn’t trump style. They also carry some second-hand items, which is always a great way to get great quality for a great value. 5. Rhen’s Nest Toy Shop. With two different locations in the city, this store is a must see. This shop sells high quality toys that stimulate young minds, inspire creativity, and entertain. From the moment you walk into the Rhen’s Nest, you feel inspired. They carry all of the best brands, and you can tell that there is so much thought and insight put into each item. Whatever you buy there, you can rest assure that it will be a hit. 6. Baby Braithwaite. If you’re looking for a beautiful, high class baby boutique, this is the place to go. Baby Braithwaite has the most beautiful timeless pieces for baby. Their monogrammed baby books are truly something to be cherished, and they only have the softest and highest quality linens throughout the store. 7. Feather Baby. Located in the heart of Decatur, Feather Baby is the go-to spot around town for the perfect outfit for baby, and everything that they carry -- from rompers to bows -- is organic. The brand uses Pima cotton, which is the softest material you can put on your little one's skin. Plus, they have a range of super fun, exciting prints. 8. Lizards and Lollipopz. Right outside of the city, in the city of Marietta, lives the cutest little toy shop. Doodlebugz has so many unique finds that you could get lost in there for hours just pouring over the different toys. They carry many old fashioned toys, as well as activity books for kids, and little trinkets. They have many different varieties of toys for all ages. 9. Rhubarb and Custard. This is the baby consignment shop you should go to in Atlanta. They sell great high-quality brands at incredible prices. And on top of all the baby clothes, they also carry maternity clothes! Nicole George is a mom of two, living just outside the bustling city of Atlanta. She love to write, style, travel, and bring simplicity to life. You can find out more about her on by Nicole George, Living the Simple Life.