There's no doubt that potty training is one of the most challenging milestones to reach. It takes a lot of time, patience and—let's face it—laundry to reach the diaper-free lifestyle. But once your child shows signs that they're ready, potty training can happen easily, according to experts.

If your child is starting to show an interest in ditching diapers, it's time to buy a potty chair or seat, stat.

Here's our favorite (plus a couple others to consider if you're not convinced):


BabyBjorn Potty potty chair

Perfect for the early days of potty training, the BABYBJORN Potty Chair is a classic for a reason. The Swedish design has been a best seller for ages, helping little ones and their parents find comfort, confidence and toilet training success. (My oldest is 14 and he had one!)

It's sized just right for toddlers, sitting directly on the floor and calming any fears of the "grown-up" toilet. The high back and armrests make it inviting to relax and stay awhile while the groove-free construction and removable inner potty is super easy to keep clean.

As an added bonus, it comes in a wide variety of soft neutral colors that won't clash with your bathroom decor.


Mamas know potty training doesn't only happen in the bathroom. It happens in the kitchen. The backyard. The Target parking lot. After all, when you gotta go, you gotta go. This small, compact design makes it easy to potty train anywhere and is great to keep on hand even after they're reliably trained.

Puj Easy Seat Toilet Trainer

Puj Easy Seat Toilet Trainer

Once your kiddo is a little older (though you can totally use this from day one) many prefer to use the regular toilet. In that case, a potty seat is a great option to reduce the size of the opening and the risk of them falling in. (As an added bonus, no need to empty after use. #Winning!)

This one-piece insert is easy to clean and made from soft, non-absorbent and non-staining material that is comfortable for little tushies. (Bonus: these clever nubs are perfect for hanging it up when not in use.)

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