The best tech gifts for the *entire* family

From coding playsets to Google home—check out our favorites. 🤖

The best tech gifts for the *entire* family

Finding the perfect gift for your little or your partner is no easy feat, but with new technology innovations, gift giving might be easier than you think, mama.

Here are some of our favorite innovative tech gifts for the kiddos and adults in your life.

1. Osmo creative kit for iPad

This game transforms your iPad into an interactive tool that will provide hours of entertainment. Encouraging creativity, any drawing made on the pad will automatically be digitized on screen—bringing to life their ideas right in front of them!

Osmo Creative Kit for iPad, Amazon, $34.99


2. Primo cubetto playset

This coding toy is perfect for kiddos three or older, taking coding off the screen and making it more tangible. The wooden robot is Montessori-inspired and guides kids through hands-on play.

Primo Toys Cubetto Playset Coding Toy, Amazon, $225.00


3. Amazon Fire kids edition

If you're searching for the first tablet for your child, or want to take your own phone and device back, the Amazon Fire is an ideal option. With a 2-year-worry-free guarantee, you can rest easy knowing that if they break it, Amazon will replace it for free. Plus, it comes with extensive parental controls and a year subscription to FreeTime Unlimited, full of books, apps, videos and more.

Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet, Amazon, $79.99


4. Interactive Aura stealth drone

Drones are really popular this season, but you don't have to spend a fortune on one that your little might break. This one is designed to be an interactive toy for kids, allowing them to control various flight paths and tricks with a wave of their hand. It features a safety frame for those inevitable drops, too.

KD Interactive Aura Stealth Drone, Walmart, $59.88


5. GizmoWatch

For your little who wants a smartwatch, but doesn't *need* one, the GizmoWatch is a kid-friendly version that keeps your little's safety in mind. It has a GPS locator built in, the ability to connect with 10 trusted contacts and fitness capabilities. Enough to guide them in gaining independence, while ensuring they're safe.

Verizon GizmoWatch, Verizon, $179.99


6. Boxer

Boxer is an A.I. robot who comes to life for whatever your child imagines—from DJ'ing music to acting as a bowling ball to knock down cups. Full of a variety of games already programmed, you can also download the app to unlock more hours of fun.

Boxer A.I Robot Toy, Amazon, $64.94


7. Tile Set

What's that one item you always seem to lose? Maybe it's your keys on hectic mornings, or you can never find that umbrella when it's pouring. Get rid of that stress and add Tile to your items you need to keep track of.

On the app, a map will show you where it is, ring your phone (even on silent), and even remind you where you left that item last time because #mombrain. 🙌

Tile Combo Pack, Amazon, $44.99


8. eufy RoboVac 

Raise your hand if you'd prefer someone else to vacuum your house. 🙋♀️ Say hello to your new best friend. This robo vacuum will clean up all of those annoying messes, from hard floors to carpet. It auto recharges so you don't need to remember and features a quiet design so it won't interrupt sleeping kids.

eufy RoboVac, Amazon, $219.99


9. Away luggage

Parents deserve a little splurge, too. These luggage pieces feature a beautiful design and multiple colors so you can always be sure you know which one is yours.

Our favorite part? The ejectable, TSA-approved battery at the top so you can charge your phone wherever you are. Now enjoy a getaway somewhere sunny. ☀️

Away The Carry-On, Away, $225


10.  Instant Pot

Mamas have spoken and this is *the* product of the year because of how much time it saves. Toss out all of your older kitchen appliances and replace them with this 7-in-1 device. Perfect for slow cooking, pressure cooking, steaming, making yogurt, and cooking rice.

Instant Pot, Amazon, $87.49


11.  Google Home hub

If you're looking for a personal assistant, here you go. Google Home Hub is the upgraded version of the beloved Google Home, complete with a digital screen. You can control all of your smart devices from one place and it allows you to listen to music, place calls and show off your Google Photos.

Google Home Hub, Target, $149.00


12.  HP Sprocket portable photo printer

How many photos are in your camera roll right now? For me, it's 10,000—yes, we know that's insane. But, this little gadget connects to your phone to print off your most favorite photos of your littles in an instant. You can even link it to your social media accounts. The 2x3 inch prints are perfect for the fridge or your office.

HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printers, Amazon, $119.95


13.  Mini smart plug

For the parent who always has their hands full, this small—but mighty—device is a lifesaver. One plug turns your electrical items into smart devices via the app.

You can set schedules and timers for lights, turn off your bedroom light from bed, or make sure the fan is off before you go to bed.

Mini Smart Plug Outlet, Amazon, $9.99


14.  Bose bluetooth speaker 

Bose is known for their incredible sound quality and this little device doesn't disappoint. It's portable, waterproof and has up to six hours of play time. Whether you need a little extra sound to take conference calls, want to jam out in the shower, or are going on an adventure, this will keep the entire family entertained.

Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker, Amazon, $99.00


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