The older kids get, the harder it can be to find them holiday gifts that make their eyes sparkle. In fact, choosing gifts for tweens may even make you break out in a cold sweat. (I’ve been there.) But fear not. You don’t have to just hand them a gift certificate or wad of cash. There are tons of awesome gifts out there that even the most picky, hard-to-please tweens will love.

While they may have us bested when it comes to celebrity TikTok star knowledge, we like to think we’ve got our finger on the pulse of what the kids want these days.

Our editors have combed through the internet looking for THE BEST gifts for the older kiddos in your life, which ensures you get to hang on to #coolmom status. (But if they don’t like it, you didn’t hear it from us. Sorry.)

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Shop our curated list of gifts for tweens below!

Hello Adorn Tiny Twist Earrings

Hello Adorn

Tiny Twist Earrings


Dainty and delicate, the handmade Tiny Twist earrings from Hello Adorn are a total tween hit. How do I know? Because since my daughter borrowed them, she’s never taken them out, let alone given them back. The clever design makes it look like they finally convinced you to get that second piercing, and since they’re made from 14k gold fill, they can be worn day and night, through showers and sleep without discoloring. They’re also super comfortable, almost impossible to lose and come in two small sizes.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 12


Instax Mini 12 Camera Bundle


Phone selfies are fine, but tiny Instax photos are real treasures. (My tween took her Instax camera to sleepaway camp and finding her cabinmates hilarious snaps among her dirty laundry was the best thing ever.) I highly recommend this particular bundle which comes with enough film to get them started, a selfie lens, photo album and most clutch–a matching case.

Florence by Mills Ava's Mini & Mighty Essentials Set

Florence by Mills

Ava's Mini & Mighty Essentials Set


If you’ve got a tween girl under your roof, chances are you know all about Florence by Mills already. Launched by Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown in 2019, the cruelty-free beauty brand is highly coveted by every middle schooler I currently drive around town. That said, this gift will make them make a sound only dogs can hear. The Ava’s Mini & Mighty Essentials Set (named for Millie’s little sister) includes five mini skincare and makeup faves all tucked into a lilac makeup bag!



Fur Lined Crocs


As the mother of a tween and teen, I’m here to tell you Crocs are still here and will apparently never go away. This holiday, fuzzy ones are at the top of both of their lists because the regular ones they wore all summer are getting pretty chilly. Crocs + Cozy = home run holiday gift.

Microkickboard LED Cruiser

Micro Kickboard

Micro Cruiser LED Neochrome


Micro Kickboard is one of those brands my kids have literally grown up with. We’ve owned various sizes and styles over the years and at this stage, the Micro Cruiser can’t be beat. The bigger wheels make the scoot to school as smooth as possible and once they arrive, it folds in half for easy storage. Couple the fact that every single part is replaceable with the 220 pound weight limit and this one is in it for the long haul.

Impala Rollerskates




As someone who grew up spending Saturday afternoons at the local roller rink, these may be the skates of my childhood dreams. (Because brown with bright orange laces decidedly was NOT.) These super pro, super sassy numbers are great indoors and out–just don’t forget a set of pads to go with it!

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza Card Game


This one is actually fun for the entire family! The game play is simple (it literally takes less than three minutes to learn) and the illustrations are ahhdorable. But be warned. They may look cute but games can get intense quickly. So much yelling. In the good way, of course.

America's Test Kitchen Kids Can Cook Anything

America's Test Kitchen

Kids Can Cook Anything


Inspire your budding chef with this easy-to-follow cookbook that’s created just for kids. It includes tons of kid-tested and approved recipes that not only teach the basics, but make cooking so much fun. There are also QR codes throughout that link to easy-to-follow videos that help them better visualize the directions. Imagine a world where your tween cooks dinner! Ah, living the dream, right?

All Kinds Lazy Days World Bundle


Lazy Days World Bundle


Tweens need a dash of self care as much as we do, but at this age, boring old bubble bath isn’t it. Instead, the sweet smells and super fun shower foams from Allkinds meet them right where they are. Scrubbing up with a waffle and body wash that smells like Sunday morning breakfast? Yes please.





They might already have a basketball, but they definitely don’t have one that looks this cool. The vibrant sports equipment from Chance is sure to impress even the pickiest tween and remind them that you’re pretty cool yourself.

Aviator Nation Stripe Hoodie

Aviator Nation

Stripe Hoodie


If you’re looking for a splurge, word on the street is the classic Stripe Hoodie from Aviator Nation is the gift to give this season. (And by the “street” I mean the Google slides Christmas list presentation I’ve been emailed by my 12-year-old with this one in all caps.) The celeb-loved brand is colorful and fun, with a surf-ready vibe that’s grown up but still tween-appropriate. It’s definitely pricey, but they often have pretty good sales!



The Dream Kit


My youngest has turned the corner into pre-teen territory and thus taken a vested interest in making her room “cool.” (Honestly, those Tik Tok essential LED lights are giving me agita.) We’ve recently peeled the rocket ship decals off her wall and been on the hunt for something more sophisticated—and this awesome collage kit from Tezza is just the thing we’ve been looking for. It includes 75 high-quality art prints that we can arrange to make the ultimate statement wall. What says love more than a mini room remodel?

Hanging Photo light display


Hanging Photo light display


Another “cool room” must-have? Clever photo displays. This one is great because it checks two boxes. Rechargeable LED lights and photo display. It also comes with a remote to swap between eight different lighting modes.

Burrito Blanket


Burrito Blanket


You can never go wrong with a burrito themed novelty gift when it comes to this crowd. These super soft tortilla blankets are sure to be a hit at home and at their next sleepover.

Wear Felicity Personalized Circle Photo Bracelet

Wear Felicity

Personalized Circle Photo Bracelet


My tween found this on Tik Tok and has spammed me with text requests for one ever since. The teeny bead can be customized with any image you’d like. Them with their bestie, your family pet or even a photo of yourself (because who’s nearer and dearer to their heart than mom?). Just hold it up to the light and peer inside to see it!

Meta Quest 3


Meta Quest 3


Two dimensional gaming is so last century. With Meta Quest 3, they can legit step into a whole new world to play, connect, create and even “attend” live events like sports and concerts. Just slip on the lightweight (and surprisingly comfortable) headset and bring virtual worlds to life in an immersive experience that’s nothing short of totally mind-blowing. There are hundreds of games, experiences and apps that can be downloaded with more being added every day. The future is here, and we have to admit, it’s pretty incredible.

Tech Deck, 25th Anniversary 8-Pack

Tech Deck

25th Anniversary 8-Pack


My son has been fiddling with these things for a solid twelve years now. The mini skateboards and skateparks from Tech Deck are strangely fun and addicting and require far fewer ER visits than the real thing.


Hand 2 Mind

Coding Charms


Who says you need a computer to learn how to code? Using a format they’re probably already familiar with, this clever kit uses basic coding concepts like algorithms, puzzling, sequencing, variables, binary and more to create 15 colorful keychain charms.

Kicks By Sammy Bunk Junk Blanket

Kicks By Sammy

Bunk Junk Blanket


If you’ve got a kid who lives for the few weeks of summer they spend at camp, this is the personalized gift they’ll be thrilled to trot out. Memorialize an exceptionally good camp year with this customizable blanket that you can add your campers’ camp name to. You also get to choose how cozy you want the other side to be (minky or sherpa)!

hedgehog2 360x Motherly

Camp Hollow

Animal Necklace


The whimsical wearables from Camp Hollow are just about the most impossibly adorable accessories I’ve ever seen. Each piece is made from high-quality and hand painted with the sweetest detail. There’s a wide variety of animals to choose from, but don’t wait if there’s one that’s calling your name–each style is a limited edition that won’t be back after it sells out.

State Bags Baby Kane Sling

State Bags

Baby Kane Sling


Between their give back mission, super cool styles and all around top-notch quality, State Bags totally nails the bag game–and their new tween-approved sling bag is no exception. Perhaps because it was literally designed by one! The mini backpack-esque design comes from the founder’s daughter who’s clearly got her finger on the pulse. With enough space for the essentials and a comfy fit, you might even steal this one for yourself sometimes.

Lego Mosaic Maker


Lego Mosaic Maker


You’re never too old for LEGOs–especially a kit this cool. Using the LEGO website, you can turn any photo into a mosaic and bring it life with bricks.

BluePlaid 775076 1200x Motherly

Big Blanket Co.

Original Stretch Blanket


With this bonkers-huge snuggle machine you’ll never have to hear your kids argue about who has enough blanket ever again. At 10 x 10 Big Blanket Co.’s best-selling signature blankets are a must-have for movie night but double as the ultimate fort builder. (Because you’re never too old for that.)

Screen Shot 2021 11 04 at 11.12.09 AM Motherly

White Faux Taxidermy

Wall Art


I can’t lie. I’m kind of obsessed with everything in this Etsy shop. And if a gold tyrannosaurus isn’t their thing, they can be custom made in dozens of fun colors and other creatures as well!

ooly Shrink-Its! DIY Shrink Art Kit


Razzle Dazzle DIY Gem Art Kit


From a smiling taco to a piece of pizza caught by surprise, this shrink art kit offers designs they’re sure to find amusing. After they color and shrink their collection they can fashion them into necklaces and key chains to keep or give to their pals!

best holiday gifts for 8 year olds older 8 Motherly


Sticker Club


Fact: You are never too old to love stickers. The Pipsticks Kids Club sends a packet of fun and high-quality stickers each month, starting at just $11.95 per month. This is truly a gift that keeps giving and will help them stay excited (and thinking of you) all year long.

Le Puzz Mistake Puzzle

Le Puzz

Mistake Puzzle


Puzzles are a great way to bring the family together or take some time to calm the brain and decompress. One puzzle company that’s makes it super fun is Le Puzz. Not only do they have super fun designs (like this one covered in dozens of tiny erasers), they’re also made up of 500 uniquely-shaped pieces which makes it just the right amount of challenging.


Koiaxy Neon Sign


LED Sign


Take their bedroom decor up a notch with some fun LED lights! This one is perfect for gamer kiddos and is both USB and battery powered, allowing you to place it anywhere they want.