While pregnant, time is always on your mind: first comes the “How far along are you?” stage which eventually leads to the “How many days are left until I get to hold my baby outside of my body?” stage. Shortly after birth, time is of the essence when you are faced with a feeding schedule that leaves barely any free moments to do anything else. Forget about your grandfather’s watch that you haven’t taken off since college. Now is when you need a digital friend with enough bells and whistles that’ll keep you from losing track of what’s up next for your daily routine.

1. Nixon

Speaking of bells and whistles, this Nixon The Unit 40 has a custom digital module with positive or negative display, a calendar, tells the temperature and has a countdown timer, plus multiple alarms. It comes in in five color ways, but I think this matte Navy has a fresh Nautical style. $100.00

2. Casio Mini

Not into the sports vibe that most digital watches give off? The Casio Mini, which comes in Gold or Silver versions, is the undisputed classic of digi-chic timewear. It manages to be retro and timeless, all while keeping you up to the minute. $62.29

3. G-Shock Baby-G

Having a baby doesn’t mean you can’t have another on your arm. Especially if the other baby is this shock-resistant G-Shock Baby-G in a bold yellow hue. $99.00

4. Swatch

Want a digital watch that will get noticed as much as a newborn? Look no further than the Swatch Black Bump. It’s a bold style that comes in multiple color ways. Most importantly, it is water resistant — which means it is also spit-up resistant — with silicone straps for an easy clean-up. $140.00

5. Nike+ Sportwatch GPS

You may not be running any marathons at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be next year. Carrying a baby around is a cardio activity, so why not keep track of your steps and heart-rate as well as the time with the Nike+ Sportswatch GPS? Plus when you have that pregnancy fog-brain and forget if you made it to the post office, the GPS can help you remember your day…I mean way. $169.00