Six months ago, toilet paper and hand sanitizers couldn't be found anywhere—not online, not on physical sheves, and we came to the rescue telling you where you could still get sanitizers for the whole family. Well, now Clorox disinfecting wipes are sold out everywhere and apparently won't be restocked until mid-2021! Even though Clorox wipes are about 45% of the market, there are a ton of other alternatives for you to keep your surfaces clean and safe for the whole family. Especially now, with some school and offices re-opening , it's a good time to have some at home ready to go wherever you need to be.

Here are the disinfecting wipes you can still buy right now:

Seventh Generation botanical wipes

Seventh Generation Disinfecting Multi Surface Wipes

You can get a 6-pack of these wipes to make sure you don't run out of them when you most need them. These not only disinfect surfaces, but also will infuse your home with the scent of thyme.


Honest alcohol wipes

Honest alcohol wipes

Made of 65% alcohol and a touch of aloe, they're perfect for cleaning sticky hands and messes that come with them.


Arm & Hammer essential disinfecting wipes

Arm & Hammer Disinfecting Wipes

Arm & Hammer wipes claim to kill 99.9% of virus and bacteria without any harsh chemicals, like bleach.


Caresour 75% alcohol wipes

Caresour Advanced 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Wipes

You can use these to wipe your car's steering wheel, phones, keys and other surfaces you are in contact with regularly.


Babyganics toy, table and high chair wipes

Babyganics Toy, Table & Highchair Wipes

For everything your little one puts in their mouths and also cleaning all the messes they leave behind.


Care touch alcohol free sanitizing wipes

Care Touch Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizing Wipes

With Vitamin E and aloe vera, they'll replenish and moisturize skin. They are alcohol and fragrance-free making them great for kids or people with sensitive skin.


Palmpalm disposable alcohol wipes

Palmpalm Disposable Wipes, Alcohol 70%

These wipes were launched in response to the pandemic and are 70% alcohol and FDA approved.

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