I think I can speak for basically everyone on planet earth when I say things have been stressful lately. Juggling school, work and the weight of worry about all the things, it's increasingly difficult to take even a moment to be grateful and positive these days. It's far easier to fall into a grump cycle, nagging my kids for all the things they didn't do (after being asked nine times), snapping at their bickering and never really acknowledging the good stuff.

But the truth is, gratitude and appreciation is the kind of medicine we need now more than ever—and not just because the season is upon us. For one thing, practicing gratitude is a scientifically proven way to boost our happiness, health and relationships. More importantly, we need to ensure we're cultivating it in our children even when things are challenging. Especially when things are challenging.

I'm ready to crank the thankfulness up a few dozen notches and reboot our family's gratitude game so we can usher out 2021 on a fresh note. So, I've called in some reinforcements.

Enter: the Gracious Gobbler.

Part story, part stuffed animal, the Gracious Gobbler is a sweet and charming family tradition that sparks a daily practice of giving thanks. At the beginning of November, the snuggly soft turkey shows up along with a beautifully illustrated story to introduce them. Each night, the turkey leaves a note, thanking someone for a kind gesture or a thoughtful action. Reading them together each day becomes a moment of connection that can help send everyone off feeling loved, appreciated and inspired to spread kindness to others.

For the littles, it's an exciting and engaging way to learn the importance of gratitude. For older kiddos like mine (who clearly don't believe a turkey is leaving them messages), it's a spark of silliness and positivity that we can all take turns spreading the love through. And there's nothing I'm more grateful for than that.

Check out the Gracious Gobbler bundle.


The Gracious Gobbler Bundle

The Gracious Gobbler is a beautiful tradition that allows families to create a habit of kindness and gratitude over the holiday season or anytime throughout the year. The Gracious Gobbler Bundle includes a soft, plush turkey, a beautifully illustrated picture book and a pack of 28 note cards to be left from the Gracious Gobbler throughout a month.