12 Montessori inspired toys that will grow with your child

Your littles will come back to these toys again and again.

Montessori toys
Jolanda Boer @jolanboer

Children can learn so much through play. Unstructured play benefits kids' mental and physical health—it helps them make sense of the world around them through teaching boundaries and social interactions and it's even good for you, too, mama. But how many toys do your little ones really need? And which ones will get played with the most?

When choosing toys for your baby and toddler, we like the less-is-more Montessori-inspired approach: fewer, higher quality toys, each with a purpose, made from mostly natural materials, that can grow along with your child. Clutter can be overwhelming for little ones, and the science tells us that children play longer and more happily with less toys.

We've chosen 12 Montessori-inspired toys that will inspire imagination and encourage open-ended play from the baby years through toddlerhood and beyond. Your littles will come back to these toys again and again.

Adjustable art easel


Let your little artist's creativity flourish with this wooden double-sided easel that will take them from first scribbles to preschool masterpieces! This simple, yet functional, easel from Hape features a chalkboard, a magnetic dry erase board (magnets included!), refillable paper dispenser, three no-spill cups and a tray for storing paints and other art supplies. It's sure to become a playroom staple.


Solid wooden drum


Watch even the tiniest baby react to music and you'll immediately realize the powerful impact it can have on social, emotional and cognitive development. We love the soft edges that make this style safe for the littlest musicians while the soft rubber-headed mallet creates a variety of lovely tones no matter how they play.


Contemporary dollhouse

Plan Toys contemporary dollhouse

From modeling real life to setting the stage for imaginative play, we love the simplicity of this wooden dollhouse. It comes with furniture for a living room, bathroom, bedroom and kitchen. A set of moveable stairs and an adjustable wall that allows kids to rearrange the layout as they see fit.


Sensory table


When a full-on sensory table isn't a possibility (or, let's face it, you're not up for the mess), this scaled-down version provides the same benefits with less commitment. Perfectly sized for tabletop play (just remove the legs!) and suitable for water or sand, this set combines sensory and realistic play that grows with your littles.


Wooden block set


Blocks are the ultimate in Montessori must-haves; they teach endless developmental concepts and provide hours upon hours of creative, open-ended play opportunities. This natural wood set presents a world of possibility and is sustainably made from re-purposed rubber wood.


Wooden barn + animal figurines

Melissa and Doug barn

Realistic play is one of the tenants of Montessori-based education; it helps children relate to and understand the world around them and develop meaningful connections.

This beautiful wooden play barn and seven realistic animal figurines will capture the imaginations of babies, toddlers and preschoolers alike. It even folds and features a carry handle for easy take-along play!


6-Piece rainbow stacker

Grimm's rainbow stacker

This rainbow may look basic, but through the eyes of your child, it offer endless opportunities for imaginative play! From early concepts like color identification and developing fine motor skills, to more advanced concepts like building, nesting, and pretend play, this simple, colorful—and so, so beautiful—heirloom-quality puzzle stacker will quickly become a playtime favorite. It's also available in a 12-piece larger size.


Wooden play table


Exploration and activity are two important pieces of the Montessori philosophy—little hands should be encouraged to sort, pour, scoop and empty with all kinds of liquids and materials. This handcrafted sensory table made from natural pine is a great way to check all of those boxes and contain the mess 😉 It can be filled with sand, rice, or even hold trays of water for years of sensory play.


Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon

radio flyer

Radio Flyer wagons have been around for decades—and for good reason. They're beautiful, fun, and functional, and can be enjoyed by babies and toddlers alike. We love the early walker take on this one, featuring "resist push" that allows beginning walkers to safely build confidence and balance. (We also love the furniture-friendly bumpers!) Once they learn to walk, they'll find still find lots of other uses for this classic toy.


The nugget play couch


Is it a couch? A bed? A spaceship? Or a castle? Only your little one will know the answer! Encouraging open-ended play is a Montessori must—and this ingenious kid-sized "couch" with four separate foam pieces offers endless play possibilities. Your little one will love that it's fun, soft, and endlessly rearrange-able, and you'll love that it's safe, free of harmful chemicals, and machine washable.


Ramp racer

evereearth ramp racer

There's a simple delight in watching objects speeding down a ramp, and that joy is not lost on this classic toy. This ramp racer is not only fun, but teaches fine and gross motor skills, cause and effect, hand-eye coordination, and much more. Babies will laugh as the cars speed down the ramps, while toddlers and older kiddos will love engaging in pretend play and racing their cars over and over again.


Soft Zone toddler blocks

soft zone toddler blocks

For a different take on the classic block set that babies and older kiddos will love, we can't get enough of this set of oversize foam blocks. Made from soft, durable foam, your little ones will love building, stacking, and most importantly knocking down these super fun blocks for years.


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