As mamas, we're pretty good at keeping memories these days. Our Instagram and personal blogs make it easier than ever. But there's just something so sweet and so special about saving memories from your little one's first year in a tangible way, with a baby journal. That's why we're excited to team up with Mushybooks to give away an amazing baby journal bundle.

Mushybooks are some of the most well designed, well thought-out baby journals available. Sleek and modern with a traditional feel, they exceed expectations with their thoughtful prompts, spacious writing areas and plenty of room for photos. Creator Lesley Hobbs wanted to create a book to give moms and dads more than the traditional “pink and blue" options. “After having three kids – in three years – and getting three ugly baby books, I decided to survey other moms to find out if they liked their baby books," Hobbs said. “Turns out most people I heard from felt their baby books lacked style."

Mushybooks are huge winners in the style department, and one of our favorite things about them is how customizable they are. Each soft, white, faux leather-bound book comes in your choice of fourteen different themes, including themes for adoptive parents, same sex parents and single parents. You can really cater these books to your baby by adding or removing pages. Mushybooks offers additional page packs for the baby shower, baptism or journeys in the NICU.

The books also come with a paper sample for you to test different pens on before cutting loose on the actual book. A major score for perfectionists!

Let's face it. Snapping a pic on Instagram might be easier than filling out a baby journal – but it's just not the same. So if, like us, you yearn for an incredible keepsake to pull off the shelf and read through with your little one down the road (and maybe even pass down when they have littles of their own), enter this giveaway to receive a Mushybook in the theme of your choice. Plus, you'll get toddler pages, extra pages and photo mounts (all worth $105!).

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