A breast pump isn't just any old piece of personal appliance. It's an investment. Having a good, efficient one can make your life a whole lot easier. And when you're a mom, you should take all the help you can get. Thankfully, technological innovations have been reviving the breast-pump market and offering moms fresh options with ingenious, easy-to-use specs. So get ready for more effective, convenient pumping. From a wearable pump to one that comes with an app that helps you stay on top of your breast milk feeding goals, here are 4 innovative breast pumps that you should keep in mind if you are expecting baby in 2017. 1. The Sonata from Medela Medela has introduced the Sonata breast pump that they tout as their highest-performing personal-use breast pump. The Sonata is also their quietest breast pump yet, which is pretty great because you'll get to pump while on conference calls or avoid waking your partner during late-night pumping sessions. But one of the coolest features is Sonata's Smart Solution™, which connects seamlessly to their MyMedela™ app to help moms track the details of their pumping sessions. One less thing for a busy mom to have to keep track of. Now, that's a smart pump! $399.99, buy here. 2. The Willow Wearable Breast Pump Willow recently introduced a new hand-free wearable breast pump that is FDA-cleared. Unlike other wearable pumps, there are no tubes or cords connected to a bulky motor. The willow pump fits inside your bra and collects the milk in an internal bag. The pump senses your let-down and automatically transitions to the expression phase. $429, get more information here. 3. Evenflo Feeding Deluxe Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump Evenflo has redesigned their pump and outfitted it with what moms really need: options. The pump comes with three different flange sizes for maximum comfort and an angled flange design for slouch-free pumping (your back will thank you!). Plus speed and suction are controlled independently so each mom can find her personal perfect combination for expression. And each pump comes with a good looking tote bag and insulated cooler. $88, buy here. 4. Ameda Purely Yours If you are a mom on the go, then Ameda has the pump for you. The Ameda Purely Yours motor weighs just 1lb. and comes with an AC adapter, car adapter and battery pack. The pump also has independent dials for suction and speed which allows mom to maximize her milk supply and mimic her baby's sucking pattern. $179.99, buy here. Written by Amanda Cole, founder and president of Yummy Mummy, a breastfeeding specialty store and support center in NYC. Amanda opened Yummy Mummy in 2009 after shopping for breastfeeding products for her daughter and thinking “there must be a better way." She envisioned and then opened a one-stop-shop for all things breastfeeding that offers daily classes and support groups for expectant and new moms. Shop the post: