Qai Qai, the Instagram-famous doll leads a good life. While most dolls are stuck in the corner of a playroom or somewhere at the bottom of a toy chest , that life is completely foreign to Qai Qai. You can regularly spot her on social media trailing behind Serena Williams' daughter , Olympia Ohanian, and she's even amassed over one million followers. And if that's not enough, she was dubbed America's Most Important doll by the New York Times .

Now, the uber-popular doll is available on Amazon and can create memories with your little one.

"There's something really special about the relationship between a child and their favorite toy. Qai Qai has been around for more than half of Olympia's life and she still takes her everywhere we go," said Serena Williams . "Qai Qai is no ordinary doll, and it is amazing to see her use social media to educate, inspire and bring a smile to audiences from all backgrounds."

It's true, Qai Qai truly is more than just a cute toy. Aside from being a star on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter she also offers positive messages around mental health, race, representation, female empowerment, anti-bullying and even the climate crisis. She's by far the wokest doll you'll ever meet.

"It's okay to work, it's okay to rest, it's okay to keep busy, it's okay to be idle, it's okay to be okay, and it's okay to not be okay. take care of yourselves and one other," Qai Qai posted in April while in the midst of a pandemic . Truly words to live by from such a young mind.

Bottom line: Qai Qai is for ALL—boys, girls, non-binary, and every age.

Qai Qai for president, anyone?

Qai Qai doll

Qai Qai doll

Qai Qai

Social media icon Qai Qai is making her official debut to the world in doll form, where she is now available for purchase on Amazon .


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