You probably never realized women were allowed to live on the island of Manhattan during pregnancy…until your pregnancy test turned positive. And then suddenly every woman in a half block radius had a belly poking out from beneath her coat. Hooray, you’re not alone! Now, more than ever, families are deciding to stay put when baby’s on the way and raise their great families in this great city. Can you blame them?

And just like every neighborhood has their own unique mommy listserv, every neighborhood also has its own unique baby shop. Not because you really need that much baby stuff, but because its a lot more fun to shop for this tiny human you’ve never met than it ever was shopping for new shoes. Okay, maybe not more, but at least equal, and that is some serious fun.

Here are the 8 baby shops we’re currently digging in Manhattan. And check out our recommendations in Brooklyn too!

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1. Babesta. If you’re growing a little rock star in that big ol belly of yours, then Babesta is the baby store for you. The downtown shop is a cool kids’ mecca, filled with modern furniture, funky decor and cutting-edge fashion for the littlest of people. Now that Babesta opened a new store in Brookfield place, you’ve got two great registry alternatives if those big box stores give you the hives, PLUS a whole nother location devoted to dressing that stylish baby of yours. Battery Park City & Tribeca

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2. Yoya. Discovering this whimsical West Village shop is like finding a secret garden for your baby, filled with treasures so lovely you just don’t want to share. Curated with the eye of an interior designer, there’s always an incredible shoe, onesie, sweater or more that you just can’t live without. You can also find Yoya online, so you don’t have to live in the West Village to make it your local fave. 605 Hudson St., West Village

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3. Books of Wonder. We love a shop that makes us feel like we’ve stepped back into old school New York. Books of Wonder is one of them. Filled to the brim with children’s books, you can tell each book on each shelf is there for a reason. And that’s to ignite the love of reading in every child and parent that steps foot into the store. You will not only find the latest books, but also super rare and out-of-print titles. 18 W. 18th St., Union Square

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4. ABC Carpet & Home. Just like the rest of the store, the baby and kid’s department at ABC Carpet & Home is filled with high-end and quirky giftables that will surprise even your artsy-fartsy friend who has everything. Filled with stuffed animals and beautiful wooden toys, the store’s whimsical decor also makes it the perfect place to wander for nursery inspiration. 888 Broadway, Union Square

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5. My Little Sunshine. In just a few short years since opening in 2010, My Little Sunshine has solidified a spot on our NYC baby shopping tour. Hip moms will love discovering the coolest baby and children’s fashion brands out there (think Tane organics, Tocoto Vintage, Babe and Tess and Oeuf), while grandmas, aunts and BFFS will appreciate the great accessories and giftables. Both its locations also offer haircuts, which adds even more of a local vibe to these neighborhood charms. Chelsea & Tribeca

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6. Teich Toys & Books. You won’t find blinking lights or television characters on the shelves of Teich Toys . Instead, this well curated West Village shop prides itself on small-batch manufacturing and handcrafted design, offering toys and books that encourage imagination and interaction. Plus the life-sized toy train in the center of the store makes it easy for kids (and their parents!) to stay awhile and explore. 573 Hudson St., West Village

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7. Piccolini. You know that adorable “I Love NY” onesie with the hot dog and pretzel that makes every baby on Instagram 10 times cuter? This genius little Nolita shop created them. In case that cuteness isn’t enough, Piccolini‘s owner Alex Zagami also stocks up on one-of-a-kind books, towels and rock star tees that will keep you finding reasons to just so happen to be in the neighborhood. 167 Mott street, Nolita.

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8. Pink Olive. This whimsical baby store stocks all sorts of gifts for babies and toddlers. From baby clothes to accessories to toys and stuffed animals to stationaries — Pink Olive is a wonderland of innovative, playful, beautiful, thoughtful goodies for the littlest persons in our lives; and the store’s team do their best to fill the shelves with products that are made from local and national makers. 439 East 9th Street, East Village.

Got a favorite Manhattan baby shop? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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