I can deal with an untidy home (hello, stack of unsorted mail), but I absolutely cannot deal with a dirty one. And, I used to tell people that I didn't need a washable rug ; I figured I could just spot clean. But then again, I also used to not have three young boys and a dog.

Allow me to share what led me to the realization that a machine-washable rug was the only way to go. One hectic Monday morning, my husband returned with our large dog from a muddy walk, and before I could even say, "Wait, let's wipe his paws," our hound was zooming around our living room and tracking dirty paw prints all over our pale yellow rug. It was simply too much to spot clean, so, in an uncharacteristic move, I forked over the expensive sum to have it professionally cleaned. The next evening, I tripped on my own pants and sloshed my entire glass of red wine all over the same rug. I wanted to cry. On Wednesday afternoon, my son tried to be "helpful" by bringing in his plate, which had a loosely-capped bottle of ketchup balancing on it, and, yeah, I'm sure you can figure out how that went. On Thursday, one of my twins bumped into our end table and my husband's giant mug of coffee spilled all over the Same. Freaking. Rug.

I couldn't believe it. And I certainly couldn't afford to keep having my rug professionally cleaned, nor was spot cleaning going to cut it. As a germaphobic mom, I kept thinking about all the bacteria these stains were going to start growing. Alas, the writing was on the wall (or, all over my rug)—it was time to buy a rug that I could machine wash myself, whenever the need arises.

That's when I learned about an amazing line of washable rugs from the brilliant mind of Lorena Canals. She had long questioned why people couldn't just wash their rugs at home, so she created a collection of machine washable rugs, allowing people to do just that. As if their good looks and easy maintenance weren't enough to have us obsessed, all of her rugs are handmade by artisans in India, using eco-friendly, natural fibers, and child-safe dyes. If your kiddos play on the floor as much as mine do, the safety aspect is crucial. For once, what's easiest for us moms is also what's safest for our little ones, hooray! Although I think all of her rugs are fantastic, these are my favorites.

The Goes-Anywhere Rug

Lorena Canals washable rug tribu natural - large

What I love about this neutral-toned rug from her line is that it works with just about any style, and in any room of the house. Moreover, it's the type of light, airy, natural color I've always admired, but also always avoided for fear of staining. Well, fear no more! This rug lets us enjoy all the timeless style with none of the stress.

The Nursery Rug

If you're thinking you won't come across some nasty stains in your little one's nursery, wait… no one actually thinks that, right? Come on, we all know that's where the diapering happens! Your diaper pail may conceal those dirty diapers, but it will never erase the memory of the horrors the rug in that room has endured. But you know what will? This easily washable, ridiculously adorable nursery room rug . The super sweet cloud motif creates a cheerful, dreamy look—one that you don't have to worry about ruining with every diaper change or bit of spit-up.

The Playroom Rug

Lorena Canals rug washable round abc natural - black

Another room that's infamous for its messes? The playroom! Yes, where there are kids, there are messes. This cute and clever rug from Lorena Canals displays the full alphabet for young, formative minds, and encourages "circle time" with its round shape. When those finger paints in your craft bin find their way to this light, natural rug, you can just laugh, shrug it off, and pop it into your washing machine.

The Sophisticated Rug

Lorena Canals washable rug Azteca natural - terracota - large

Not every rug from Lorena Canals' collection has to be used in a kid-friendly space. This fabulous rug with an Azteca design would look beyond chic for a home bar or even a sophisticated bathroom vanity. An overflowing cocktail or even an escaped glob of mascara are "no biggie" with this machine washable beauty.

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