The news was exhausting this week—5 ways to take care of yourself tonight, mama

It's okay to be tired. It's okay to take a break.

The news was exhausting this week—5 ways to take care of yourself tonight, mama

The debate around the Supreme Court appointment of Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh grew louder and louder until it was all America's mothers could hear. And now, that debate is over. Kavanaugh has been confirmed. His career as a Supreme Court Justice is just beginning, but the exhausting news cycle that preceded it is finally over.

This deafening issue ignited passionate debates for some, unearthed old trauma for others, and had so many mothers worried for the future of America's children.

The news was exhausting this week, and we could all use a little self-care right now.

Here are 5 ways to take care of yourself tonight:

1. Go offline

When a history-making event takes place, it's natural to tune in to the news, but it isn't always healthy, especially if you've been feeling the emotional weight of this story all week.

If you're feeling depleted after all this, recharge yourself and your family tonight. Turn the news off and turn to your kids.

Unlike the Senate, we didn't have the power to decide Kavanaugh's fate on Saturday. But every day and night, we have the power to change America's future through our children.

2. Pamper yourself and your health

Sometimes we don't realize how detrimental negative news cycles are to us personally, but research suggests consuming negative news actually hurts our health. Being steeped in negativity can make us us, and your adrenal system needs to chill right now, mama.

Try to eat something that's going to sustain you and give your body strength, and give yourself permission to enjoy a long bath and long sleep.

3. Sleep, don't scroll

In the aftermath of moments like these, a new cycle begins in the news and on social media.

For some of us, the wave of what-ifs, commentary and analysis provides value. But if the coverage has already taken an emotional toll, the rehash is simply anxiety producing.

Staying up to scroll through reactions to the news isn't the antidote for the exhaustion of this week—it's another dose. The best remedy is rest, so put down the phone, fluff your pillow, and take care of yourself, mama.

4. Change your focus

If you can't sleep, at least find something else to focus on. Something that will bring you joy after this hard week.

Start a new book, binge a TV show or watch a favorite movie. Call a friend to talk about something—anything—else.

It's okay to admit you need a new topic. At least for now.

5. Hug your babies

So much of the stress we felt this week was for them. Mothers across America have been so concerned about the impact this case will have on their children.

Yes, Kavanaugh's role on the Supreme court and the legacy of the debate surrounding his appointment will impact our children.

But we will impact them even more.

We are teaching them about kindness, empathy, and consent, and while we may need a break from this debate, we won't forget that it happened.

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