This is the simplest way to help your whole family reconnect

We all get to slow down for a minute and reconnect.

kids playing on bed

This year has been marked by a lot more family togetherness. Before the pandemic, it was so easy for us all to get caught in our own silos of activity. My husband could get preoccupied with work, I was always busy with motherhood and freelance work and housework, and even our five-year-old seemed to have her own budding schedule to keep her busy. During the week, we were lucky to get two or three meals together as a family.

Then everything changed, and suddenly we found ourselves in each other's space—all the time. It led to a few hiccups and learning to renavigate our constantly full home together, but for the most part, we found ourselves grateful for more time together. One thing that I realized early on that my children needed was a ritual that helped them to feel safe, cozy and connected no matter what else was going on in the world.

The Powerpuff Girls / HBO Max

One of our new favorite traditions? Family pajama parties. After dinner, we all put on our comfiest jammies, pop some popcorn and curl up to watch a movie (We love Monsters vs. Aliens, great movies on HBO like Dolittle and even more movies on HBO Max!) or introduce the kiddos to a favorite show from our own childhood, like Looney Tunes or Powerpuff Girls.

The best part of the time spent together? We all get to slow down for a minute and reconnect.

After the show, we often find ourselves lingering under our blankets chatting about our day, whispering snuggly secrets, or getting lost in our giggles. When I really want to win major mom points, we build a giant blanket fort over the couch and let the girls play in it until they fall asleep. 🙌

Instead of stressing about the state of the world or panic scrolling through my news feed, I get a moment to soak in the magic of this time together. To feel like, while the world might sometimes feel like it's falling apart, we're doing everything I can to create a stable, comforting environment for our children.

I might not be able to fix everything for my kids, but I know one thing: When they look back on this time of their lives, it will be marked with these happy moments we were able to share together.

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