I think it's fair to say that no one really enjoys the process of potty training their child. It can be an exhausting and frustrating exercise for already tired parents, and one that can require more patience than you ever thought possible. But, like tying shoelaces and buttoning a shirt, potty training has to be learned eventually.

Combing through dozens of potty training methods before you even begin can be tiring in itself (which makes something like child-led potty training sound particularly appealing), so we are always on the lookout for potty training tips, tricks and hacks to make potty training something your child actually wants to try with no prodding necessary.

Well, one mama might have found the perfect potty training hack, and I'm excited to share her video with you. With over 2 million views on TikTok, clearly she is on to something here. Regardless of how you decide to venture into potty training, remember that keeping a sense of humor about the whole experience will help. You got this, mama.

Ready to see a brilliant "Why didn't I think of this?" potty training hack?

Jacquelin is mama to a potty training toddler, and she came up with an easy hack that would be very simple to try yourself. As you'll see in the video below, she took a bowl of warm water and added in water beads and small toys. When her child goes to sit on the potty, she gets to put her feet in the bowl and play while she's waiting to go to the bathroom. This potty training activity keeps her child sitting on the potty, increasing the likelihood that she will actually go eventually! Such a great idea.