Private breastfeeding spaces are now required in all New York airports.

On July 6th, New York Governor Kathy Hochul signed legislation that will ensure certain New York airports have nursing-friendly private spaces behind the airport security screening area for mothers to breastfeed their child. And while there are plenty of breastfeeding struggles moms have to contend with, this is one that you no longer have to worry about—in New York airports at least.

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"One of the biggest challenges for new parents is finding a space to feed their children," Governor Hochul said in her statement. "This is a fight that many have had to deal with for many years, and only recently have they been able to secure the rights and accommodations that they deserve. By signing this into law, we will continue to make New York a better place to safely and securely raise young children."  

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Parents traveling with little ones have many things on their mind. From worrying about how to pass bottled breastmilk through security to checking in their strollers and even stressing about how their children will handle the flight itself. Among the different kinds of breastfeeding struggles a mom can have, finding a private spot to feed your child shouldn't be one of them.

With this kind of mandate, New York is creating a much needed change in how parents will travel in and out of New York airports.

This also isn't the first time that New York is at the forefront of passing laws that positively affect mothers. Among other big changes that the New York government has enacted to support parents, they have recently written passed a law for requiring lactation rooms in public facilities and places of employment.

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State Senator Tim Kennedy shared the good news and the story behind how the bill came to life on Twitter.