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You are my reason

You are the reason I get up each morning, the reason I'm no longer selfish, the reason I'm finally comfortable in my own skin. For you, I would do anything.

Read the full piece here: https://trib.al/nUfCgpW
Emma Heaphy l Mum blogger

My only resolution this new year is to 'survive'

This is not my year to run a marathon, drink 2 gallons of water a day, or make healthy, home-cooked meals. It is my year to survive.

Read the full piece by Momstrosity here: https://trib.al/GVWgZ97

I remember when I wanted what I currently have

It's easy to get caught up in the daily grind of motherhood. But when I stop for a moment and look around at my life, it hits me. I have everything I've always wanted.

The mental load of motherhood is what I didn’t fully expect

I didn't fully expect the mental load that came with motherhood. The pressure to remember everything and worry about everyone. The invisible things we do each day.

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You're my child forever but only my baby for a year

So while you're still my baby, I'll hold you a little longer. I'll try to slow down more often. I'll give you all of me—then a little more.

What I didn't know about being a working mom until I was one

Until I was a working mom, I didn't realize the sacrifice, exhaustion and constant juggle. I didn't know what it felt like to wish you could be in two places at once. 💜

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(Author credit: Momlando)

Here's to celebrating mom bodies

I'm going to proudly rock this mom bod and celebrate all the amazing things it's capable of. 💪❤️
For more powerful ways to embrace your postpartum body: https://trib.al/cqizIN4
(thanks to Desiree Fortin Meg Boggs Blog The Garcia Diaries Katie Crenshaw+ #teammotherly)

To the first-time mama

To the first-time mama: It's normal to feel nervous and excited as you venture into the unknown. Just know that you're going to be amazing.

It's time to let go of mom guilt

Mom guilt is real. But mama you. are. enough. 👏

To the mama who is done breastfeeding

Whether you breastfed for two weeks or two years, this is no small feat. Just know that nothing will ever erase the connection you formed. 🤱🏽

The world changed when I became a mother

The world changed when I became a mother. I changed, forever. 💜

To the mama returning to work after maternity leave

To the mama returning to work after maternity leave: The thought of being separated from your brand-new baby breaks your heart. But it will get easier. 💕

Motherhood is: Wishing for bedtime, but missing them as they sleep

You go through the motions of putting your child to bed. You feel like you can't take another second. But when they finally fall asleep, a pang in your heart forces you to admit it—you already miss them. 💕
Read the full piece here: https://trib.al/7xHCyp4

To the girl moms

If you're a #girlmom—this one's for you.

This is: Postpartum life

The first few months after giving birth are the hardest and the most eye-opening. You are giving every ounce of yourself and recovering at the same time. You'll need time to adjust and that's perfectly normal. 💜

I was going to fold the clothes but instead I held you

This time is so short. Soon you will be in a toddler bed. So, today, my to-do list will wait. I will hold you instead. 🤱🏽

Thank you pregnant body

To my pregnant body: Thank you for dealing with the morning sickness, the exhaustion, the aches and pains. My child is the greatest gift of my life and I owe it all to you.

To the mama who thinks she did 'nothing' today 

To the mama who thinks she got "nothing" done today…your kids would probably disagree. They see magic in the moments you spend together. And if the beautiful, exhausting work of creating that magic is "all" you did, then you're doing great (if you ask us).

To the mama who stays up way past her bedtime 

To all the exhausted mamas who stay up (way) past their bedtimes—this one's for you.

To the NICU mamas 

Here's to the mamas who fight for their babies and never give up. You are strong, you are resilient, you are a NICU mama.

Here's to a guilt-free summer

To every parent who feels pressure to create "the perfect summer" for your kids: here's to a guilt-free + spontaneous summer. Let's enjoy the magic of doing 'less' because these months don't have to be perfect.

To the mamas who have experienced loss 

To the mamas who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss: You are not alone. We honor and remember your precious baby's memory, today and always.

Dear husband one day we'll miss this

Dear husband: One day, we'll miss all of this. Life will not always be this raising-little-kids level of chaos. But right now we have all this beauty. All this wonder. All this joy. Right at our fingertips.

What do new moms do all day

New mothers, as you do the hardest work of your life, it will seem like you're not getting anything done at all. (But you are.)

Marry this person

If I could tell my younger self what to look for in a companion, I'd tell them this...

Dear postpartum body

Dear postpartum body: I want to thank you for growing and supporting my baby. I might have stretch marks and scars but I am powerful. I am beautiful. And I will own this body.

This is: Becoming a dad

When a child is born, a parent is born, too. Life as you know it has changed forever but you're SO ready for this. Because nothing compares to the feeling of holding your baby in your arms.

A dad is not a babysitter

Watching you as a dad makes my heart so full. You support your children so they can learn and grow. You make them laugh and feel loved. They are so lucky to have you, and I am too.

To the person who falls in love with my son someday

To the person who (one day) will fall in love with my son.. here's what I want you to know, from the bottom of my heart.

This is: Marriage after kids

Your marriage may feel different after kids—with less time for each other. But there's beauty and strength to be gained when you parent together. Sometimes you need to step back and remember—a whole family grew from your love.

Don't let me forget their littleness

Don't let me forget their littleness. So while I have it now, let me breathe them in that little bit deeper and hold onto them that little bit tighter.

This is: Becoming a mama

We become parents in many different ways—through birth, adoption, surrogacy, step-parenting. Regardless of how you got here, there is nothing like the gravity of that moment when it hits you. When did you first feel like a mama? 💜

To the mama preparing her heart for baby #2

You may doubt how you could ever love another little person as intensely as your first. But, just wait, it happens so effortlessly, and more perfectly than you could imagine. 💞
Read the full piece here: https://trib.al/qZ2OphH

This is: Bringing your baby home

Bringing your baby home from the hospital creates a whirlwind of emotions. Be kind to yourself as you learn to trust your instincts and remember—you were made to do this. 💜

To the mamas that breastfeed

Whether you breastfed for two hours or two years, this is no small feat. You are strong, you inspire us, we salute you.

To all the grandparents—thank you

To all the grandparents—the ones we see everyday and the ones we miss—thank you.

When I forget to feel lucky

When life gets busy, when my mind races and my attention wanders, it's easy to forget. But when I kiss your soft, perfect little cheek, it hits me with a force so hard it takes my breath away. I am so lucky to be your mama.❤️
Read the full piece here: https://trib.al/pWBvSlO

To my love, I may not always say it but I need ...

I may not always say it, but—I need you and I'm so grateful for you. ❤️
Read the full piece here: https://trib.al/5KVCQSc

Birth is just the beginning

"While you're sitting in your mesh undies in a hospital bed or at home with a screaming toddler, remember: You're standing at the edge of a precipice. Motherhood is not an end. It's a place to launch yourself." ❤️

The days are long but the years are short

When the days are long, remember mama: the years are short 💜

To the mama whose baby won't sleep

To the mama whose baby just won't sleep: If your day has ended but there is no rest in sight, you are not alone. 😴(Featuring footage from 🎥: Fitmomma)

Why we're asking for experiences, not toys

Dear family + friends, we're not asking for toys this holiday season. But if you want to get my kids a gift, give them an experience that will stay with them forever.

Dear mom, I get it now

Dear mom—I get it now. You told me that one day, when I had a child of my own, I would understand, and you were right. Thank you for shaping me into the mama that I am today. 💕
Read the full piece: https://trib.al/AjgAXhn

You're not doing it wrong, it's just that hard

Working on relationships when you are a mother is just hard. Making parenting decisions when you are a mother is just hard. Not because you are doing it wrong, simply because it is.

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