Parenting and sleep deprivation go together like peanut butter and jelly. It’s a safe bet to say that if you’ve had a new addition to your family in the last two years, you are chronically, and seemingly irreversibly, sleep deprived. Sleep is super important, though. Consistently cutting your shut-eye short can increase your risk of stroke, heart attack, and high blood pressure. Even one night without sleep can have harmful effects, so imagine what six months would do?

Fortunately, we can benefit from those who have sleep-walked the green mile before us. From innovative new pacifiers to smart bassinets, here are 6 of the newest products on the market designed to help the whole family sleep easier.

1. Silinoogie Pacifier by Joovy

image 3503

Wish your kiddo could find their pacifier in the middle of the night without your help? Joovy’s durable, soft and hygienic Silinoogie pacifier comes in a glow-in-the-dark version! If your little one doesn’t like pacifiers, the full-silicone design makes this a great teething toy. $6.99, buy here.

2. Little Lotus Blankets

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Parents would literally go to the moon and back for an extra hour’s sleep. Little Lotus made the trip for you, using NASA-inspired fabric to help babies maintain optimal temperature while sleeping. They make sleeping bags, swaddlers and blankets that reportedly help babies sleep a full extra hour. Yes, please. $78, buy here.

3. SNOO Bassinet

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A smart bassinet, the SNOO gives parents an extra hand by responding to baby’s cries with white noise and rocking. Attachment-style parents can rest easier knowing that their little one is being responded to, even when your hands are full. To top it off, the SNOO boasts a built-in sleep sack, keeping baby safe and swaddled without the danger of extra blankets in the crib. $1,160, buy here. Want to win a SNOO? Enter here!

4. QuickZip Crib Sheets

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Adulting (and parenting) is hard enough without having to contend with the cosmic joke that is fitted sheets. QuickZip took the stress out of things by creating a two-part fitted sheet, so that you only have to remove and wash the top part. This is a lifesaver when it comes to late-night, bleary-eyed bedding changes. Since they produce a whole lineup, the entire family can be spared from having to deal with lifting the entire mattress just to change that one sheet. $84.99, buy here.

5.DockATot Cosleeper

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If you’re a bedsharing parent, you’ll love DockATot’s cosleeper, a lounger that cradles baby right in the middle of your bed. It prevents parents from accidentally rolling over onto their little ones while keeping them close enough to breastfeed or comfort in the middle of the night. Always about making baby’s sleep better, DockATot is releasing the CloudTot, a smart baby monitor, this summer. $165, buy here.

6. DEX the Dog by Zazu

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Everything about nurseries should be cute and cuddly, but the DEX by Zazu is functional too. It helps soothe your baby back to sleep by playing white noise, heartbeats and lullabies when it senses that your child is up. It’s ultra-portable too, making it a great tag-a-long toy for families on the go. $34.99, buy here.