Ah, bedtime. Time to put your feet up and relax, right? Ha! Yeah right. If there’s one thing that’s true of motherhood, it’s that you’re never fully off-duty. And sometimes, we’re even more worried about our babies when they’re sleeping. Are they too hot? Too cold? Are they breathing? Do they need me? Enter the baby monitor.

Arguably one of the most useful pieces of baby-related tech, baby monitors these days offer so much more than just the audible knowledge that your little one is awake and screaming. Through video, apps, and impressive analytics, baby monitors can offer parents a deep understanding of their baby’s sleep habits and environment, providing education and peace of mind.

How do you choose a baby monitor?

Well, that depends. For some parents, there’s such a thing as too much information. Sticking to the basics with an audio-only baby monitor is a totally legit choice, but if you’re looking for something more robust, smart monitors can help you track sleep patterns, breathing, and even room temperature and humidity. Many work with Wifi which is super convenient, but not so much if your internet isn’t the most reliable. It’s also worth considering how often you may use your monitor while away from home. Some models are more portable than others, setting up in a snap while others need to be properly mounted.

Are baby monitors FSA eligible?

Yes, most of them are! In fact, you’d be surprised how many baby-related products you can buy with FSA and HSA dollars. Just be sure to check your insurance policy to see which items qualify before making your purchases.

Choosing the right baby monitor for your family can be overwhelming, to say the least. We’ve rounded up ten of the best baby monitors out there, from the data-heavy, smart tech to the most basic audio-only units to help you with your search. Check them out below!

Best Baby Monitors

nanit pro camera

Best Baby Monitor for Analytics:


Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount

The Nanit merges mama instincts with your inner data nerd to help your baby sleep like, well, a baby. Their game-changing tech acts as a personal sleep trainer to track your baby’s sleep, breathing, wake-ups and fussing and even how often you enter the room via an over-the-crib camera. The info that’s gathered is synthesized to provide nightly reports, scores and tips that parents can use to improve. The camera itself captures real-time HD quality video and even allows you to create a digital scrapbook of the adorable moments caught on camera.

The Nanit comes with one year of sleep tracking and coaching, after which you can renew for as little as $5 per month or $50 per year. Though it’s worth noting that unless you’re really into geeking out on insights, many parents say they don’t need the subscription after their little one reaches that toddler stage. (Also, some have said the least expensive options are not available in the app, so check out the website to see the full menu of offerings.)

Range: Unlimited through WiFi
Screen size: Cell phone

Other features we love: The unit can also pair with Alexa enabling you to see Nanit’s video stream and audio in your Echo Show or Spot.

Chillax Daily Baby DM640

Best Baby Monitor With Handheld Unit and Phone Capability


ChillaxBaby Daily Baby DM640 Baby Monitor

If you like the convenience of monitoring your babe with your smartphone but don’t necessarily want to rely on it (or want the ability to opt out of wifi sometimes), the ChillaxBaby Daily Baby DM640 Baby Monitor is worth a look. The sophisticated unit includes a handheld unit that offers an extended 1200 foot range and the ability to connect via wifi and use your phone to keep tabs. The camera itself is equipped with a privacy mode switch to disable wifi and bank-grade security for added peace of mind. And because there’s a lot for sleepy parents to keep track of when it comes to baby care, it also offers diaper and feeding tracking in the app and via buttons on the parent unit as well. (Ideal for middle of the night tracking!) Like most models these days it also includes 2-way intercom capability, zoom functionality and pre-loaded lullabies.

One thing to note, if you sleep in total darkness, the brightness level on the handheld monitor is a little bright at night, even on the lowest setting. But with everything else it has to offer, it’s a fine trade-off!

Range: Unlimited through WiFi, 1200 feet with unit
Screen size: Cell phone, 4.3 inch

Other features we love: In a world where everything seems to use a different charging cord, it’s refreshing when products make life easy. Both the camera and parent unit use a universal USB-C adapter so you don’t have to travel with allll the cords. For once!

Yogasleep Ohma Baby Monitor

Best All-in-One Baby Monitor


YogaSleep Baby Ohma All-in-One Baby Monitor

Streamline your baby tech collection with the brilliant new Ohma All-in-One Baby Monitor from sound machine experts, YogaSleep Baby. The tool combines a wifi-based baby monitor with a sophisticated sound machine and sleep training nightlight all into one compact (and relatively budget-friendly!) unit. And don’t worry! Its ability to do all the things doesn’t mean any feature is less powerful than standalone versions. The unit features a wide HD camera with great zoom and night vision sends your phone notifications for motion, sound, temperature and humidity, all of which can be customized within the subscription-free app. It also offers a two-way intercom to listen in or soothe your little one from across the house or across the country.

Along with the monitor features, it comes packed with 20 soothing sounds from pink noise to lullabies and nature sounds, including the signature Dohm fan sound that may just be sleep sorcery. Additionally, as your little one grows, you can program custom sleep schedules to help with sleep training, controlling both sound and unit color. It’s the only baby gear that multitasks better than you, mama.

Range: Unlimited through WiFi
Screen size: Cell phone

Other features we love: Designed to sit on a shelf or dresser, set up is as simple as plugging it in and following prompts. It’s also super easy to add additional caregivers or multiple units.

panasonic baby monitor

Best Long-Range Non-Wifi Baby Monitor


Panasonic Video Baby Monitor

With its long-range, interference-free DECT technology, the Panasonic Video Baby Monitor offers the longest range of coverage without wi-fi on the market. (You can literally walk halfway down the street before losing a signal!) The powerful camera can remotely pan, tilt and zoom offer a view of the entire room with a battery that lasts up to 13 hours in standby mode and 5 hours with continuous use. It also offers smart alerts based on room temp, motion and sound as well as 2-way talk to soothe your little one when they need it.

Says Motherly’s Hayli Craig, When the 4 month sleep regression hit, we knew it was time for our (now big!) baby to go into her own room. We had a hand-me-down monitor from a friend. Naturally, after I would put her down for a nap, I would immediately check the monitor. Not knowing there was a delay on the screen, I froze when I saw a figure standing over my daughter’s crib. Even after knowing it was a fluke and I was the figure, my breath would still slightly catch every time I caught myself on the monitor. We needed a different solution. The Panasonic monitor provides peace of mind in every sense. Not only is the camera crystal clear (with no delays!) but it will also alert you if it detects motion or sound. It also has a wide enough range, I took the monitor outside with me during a nap and did not have any interruptions. For a big transition like putting your baby in her own room, the Panasonic monitor system provided the peace of mind I needed.

Range: 1500 feet (longer than 4 football fields!)
Screen size: 3.5 inches

Other features we love: The system is simple to set up and super easy to toss in your luggage for travel.

cubo ai plus smart baby monitor

Best Smart Baby Monitor for Baby's Comfort


Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor

“Is my baby safe?” and “is my baby sleeping?” are two of the headiest questions new mamas ask. A new baby monitor, Cubo Ai Plus is a game-changer for mamas who want easy answers to those two big questions. It’s smart design: with an adorable camera with a sweet bird design that goes with your nursery decor, HD night vision to let you peek at baby’s littlest movements (even in the dark) and actually useful alerts that let you know when something is wrong—like a blanket covering baby’s face.

Says Motherly’s co-founder Liz Tenety, “We also appreciate the temperature readings that help me know if my little one is too hot or just right in his crib—a balance that can be hard to get right, especially as seasons change. The easy app integration makes it simple for you to check baby with your phone without worrying that you’ll be out of range. The Cubo Ai offers all of the ease of a tech-infused baby monitor to make parents’ lives easier, but without that sense of “too much information” that some other monitors can bog parents down. Plus their latest model, the Cubo Ai Plus, also offers sleep insights on baby’s sleep patterns to make it easier for both of you to get your Zzs.”

Range: Unlimited through WiFi
Screen size: Cell phone

Other features we love: The adorable design can operate as a nightlight but unlike other models, does not feature a blinking red light while in night mode.

vtech dm221 audio baby monitor

Best Audio-Only Baby Monitor


VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor

If you’re in the market for audio-only, parents and experts alike point to the VTech DM221. This no-frills model operates like a walkie-talkie but utilizes DECT technology which not only provides crystal clear transmission but also ensures you won’t accidentally overhear your neighbors (and vice versa). The affordable price point is a definite plus, along with the ease of set up which makes it a great option for travel.

Range: Up to 1000 feet
Screen size: N/A

Other features we love: As a bonus, the transmitter features a gentle nightlight on the loop handle which can be turned on and off via both units and automatically turns off if no sound is detected for 15 minutes.

lollipop baby monitor

Best Budget Smart Baby Monitor


Lollipop Baby Monitor With True Crying Detection

A less expensive WiFi-enabled option, the Lollipop offers a bunch of smart features along with sleep tracking via a subscription. Unlike competitors with mounting hardware, the modern design sets up simply thanks to a bendable silicone base that can grab onto crib rails, wall hooks or even stand on its own on a dresser or changing table. Lollipop also features true crying detection that knows the difference between fussing and outside noises, sending instant app alerts to keep you in the know. And for parents with multiple cameras, the app provides a multi-streaming view so you can see all your sleeping (or sleep-resisting) angels at once.

Range: Unlimited through WiFi
Screen size: Cell phone

Other features we love: The unit can also pair with a sensor (sold separately) that keeps tabs on air quality, temperature and humidity. It also pairs with Alexa and comes in three cute colors.

eufy video baby monitor

Best Non-WiFi Baby Monitor


Eufy Video Baby Monitor

For parents who’d rather keep WiFi out of their nursery, the Eufy is a top choice. Unlike other non-WiFi options, the parent unit of the Eufy offers a large 720p video display with a sharp picture and an easy-to-use interface. The camera, which comes with a wide-angle lens attachment can pan 330 degrees and tilt 110 degrees, giving you a full view of the entire room. Parents also love the two-way audio which covers a range of up to 1000 feet—super helpful if you live in a larger home and need to offer some words of comfort when your little one would rather party than pass out. Having another? No problem. You can connect up to four cameras which will automatically cycle between each view.

Range: Up to 1000 feet
Screen size: 5 inches

Other features we love: It comes equipped with five different piano lullabies to usher in the zzz’s.

miku baby monitor

Best High-Tech Baby Monitor


Miku Smart Baby Monitor

The award-winning Miku is one of the most impressive pieces of baby gear on the market right now. Slick, stylish, but most importantly reliable, its innovative technology can track baby’s breathing and sleep patterns through its patented camera without the use of wearables. The app can also help track sound, motion, room temperature and humidity, offering real-time alerts and at-a-glance graphs and stats to help your family achieve the best sleep possible. While the unit utilizes WiFi to send you notifications, the core functions are processed locally meaning it still works even if your internet crashes out. And don’t worry about security—it houses a high-security Crypto Chip to keep your family’s data safe and sound.

All of that obviously comes at a cost, but unlike other less expensive smart monitors, it’s all included with the initial cost—no subscription required.

According to one Motherly mama, “I’ve found the analytics to be super useful, especially because my twins tend to wake up from naps and just chill in bed, so having this information allows me to check when they ~actually~ woke up and when their next nap or bedtime should be.”

Range: Unlimited through WiFi
Screen size: Cell phone

Other features we love: With custom dual Ole Wolff speakers and two-way audio, the Miku plays a variety of soothing sleep sounds and lullabies and allows you to comfort your little one from the other side of the house (or more likely, ask your partner to bring down a spare diaper.)

ecobee sweet dreams baby kit

Best Smart Home System For Baby Monitoring


Ecobee Sweet Dreams Baby Kit

The smart home system, Ecobee, recently launched some exciting new upgrades that allow their Smart Camera to operate as an always-on baby monitor. When paired with their Smart Thermostat and nursery sensor that monitors the precise temperature in their room, you’ve got the techy tools to create the ultimate sleep environment. The impressive camera boasts 1080p video feed with perfect zoom that lets you get up close and personal with your little one, while the continuous clear audio monitoring ensures you’ll never miss a coo or cry. It also features two-way audio, photo sharing and two-factor authentication to keep your footage safe.

Range: Unlimited through WiFi
Screen size: Cell phone

Other features we love: Not only does the Ecobee offer a selection of white noise and ocean sounds, it also connects to Amazon music and Spotify Connect to blow the world of offerings wide open. Nursery dance parties anyone?

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

Best Non-Wifi Baby Monitor for Smaller Spaces


Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

Ideal for parents who want to be WiFi-free and cover just the basics, Infant Optics has what you’re looking for. The system, which boasts over 40K Amazon reviews is often lauded for its clear audio and pannable video which also allows you to zoom in for a closer look. And if you’re in the camp of “too much information makes me bonkers,” you can turn the video off and simply monitor audio. Additionally, you can monitor sound via an LED sound bar that lights up a color scale of red to green signaling the difference between quiet coos and full-on nuclear meltdowns. Other features we love include temperature monitoring, long battery life, two-way audio and alarm. And when your contained baby turns into a wandering toddler? No worries. There’s an add-on wide-angle lens that can give you a full view of their room. The screen is smaller than that of the Eufy and the range is reduced as well, but it’s still a great option if you live in a smaller space.

Range: Up to 700 feet
Screen size: 3.5 inches

Other features we love: Without WiFi, this self-contained unit is quite portable and easy to use away from home.

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