It seems downright inconceivable that a person could ever fit into those impossibly small, impossibly adorable baby clothes. Brace yourself, mama: Your little one is about to make those teeny onesies and pants look even cuter. Well, cuter—and messier, that is.

Stocking up on baby's clothing essentials today makes for smooth outfit changes (and changes and changes) in the future. And it's never been easier to swap one shirt for another, thanks to color-coordinated sets on the market.

Here are baby clothes we love.


1. Plenty of onesies for easy changes

Perfect for everyday wear (and plenty of photo opps) these bodysuits will keep baby cozy as can be. And what’s not to love about the sweet patterns and dreamy price point?


2. Dreamy rompers for daytime

You have enough decisions in your life, mama. Worrying about matching baby’s pants and shirt doesn’t have to be one of them. We love these precious rompers for all-day wear because of the cute design and easy access for diaper changes.

3-piece navy baby outfit

3. A perfectly coordinated lounge set

No one knows how to kick back and relax quite like a baby. This precious set guarantees they lounge in style—and comfort, thanks to the comfortable waistband and 100% breathable cotton fabric.


4. The cutest sweatpants there ever were

When you’re pulling pants on and off a dozen or more times a day, details like the stretchy waistband and ankle cuffs really matter. We love the fit of these precious pants, whether worn with a onesie or beneath a dress.