They say that being a mama is like having your heart walk around outside of your body. We want to keep our children safe, protected and cared for, but it isn’t always possible to be by their side. Right from the beginning, there will be times when you need to put your baby down while they sleep—and maybe you’ll get some shut-eye, too. If you feel like you need to sleep with one eye open, you wouldn’t be the first mama to attempt that.

Still, that’s hardly a sustainable, quality way of life. Not only does your baby needs their space to rest, but your mind needs it space to rest, too.

What is the Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor?

That’s why the Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor is a complete game-changer for parents: By taking the best elements of a baby monitor and combining it with smart, contact-free tracking for your baby’s sleep and breathing, you can easily see how your baby is doing—not just what they’re up to. With contact-free SensorFusion technology keeping track of everything from your baby’s room temperature to breathing patterns, you can get a clear picture of what’s going on in their nursery without having to risk cracking open the door. (Yes, even when they are swaddled!)

The beauty of the Miku Smart Baby Monitor is that you can customize the alerts so that you are getting the updates you want. Simply add the secure app to your phone or device and tailor the notifications to your needs. You can also pull up the app whenever you want to peek in on your baby or study their breathing and sleeping patterns. No wearables are necessary, either! With Miku’s SensorFusion technology, your baby can be cozied up in their crib and you still still get reliable health insights.

How does the Miku Smart Baby Monitor work?

Extensively tested in NICU and home environments, Miku is revolutionizing the baby monitor market. And unlike cases where “revolutionary” means “more complicated,” Miku is committed to making parents’ lives easier. With real-time alerts and simplified insights into how your baby is doing, a Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor offers the priceless gift of peace of mind—all without wearables to wash or pieces you need to charge. You’ve got enough on your plate!

And because your eyes and instincts are among the most valuable of tools, Miku’s night vision and 1080p HD video allow you to take a good look at your baby directly from your monitor. You can also feel confident that your monitor feed is completely secured with a 256 bit encryption. All you need on your side is an internet connection.

The truth is that there’s no avoiding fact that there will always be things to worry about when you’re a parent. When you love this deeply, that’s just part of the equation. Still, there are worries that you can help mitigate and ways to ease your mind—like with a smart baby monitor you can trust. So, while we can’t guarantee entirely restful nights, we do believe that the Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor will help you rest a bit easier.


Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor Motherly

Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor with Wall Mount


Miku delivers more than a baby monitor, extending parents’ eyes and ears beyond the nursery and connecting them with their baby’s wellbeing and nursery environment. The Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor captures and analyzes breathing and sleep patterns completely contact-free, meaning no wearables, no maintenance, and no age limit! Miku’s proprietary, clinically-tested SensorFusion™ technology combines 5 different sensors to deliver the sharpest 1080p HD video, real-time alert notifications, and easy-to-read sleep, breathing, and nursery summaries to a smart device at any time, from anywhere in the world.