If a breastfeeding mama has ever suffered from decreased milk production at any point during her breastfeeding journey, it’s likely that someone in her life has suggested she try a Willow breast pump. Without question, Willow has become the holy grail for millennial breastfeeding mamas because it’s a wireless, all-in-one smart breast pump that works quietly inside your bra.

Breastfeedings moms are constantly looking for ways to increase milk supply comfortably and on the go. And, since that’s been Willow’s brand ethos since day one, it’s only fitting that mamas have become obsessed. So when we heard the news about the newest generation launching, we knew only good things were coming.

Not too much has changed about the pump itself, but the differences between earlier generations and this one are pretty epic. For starters, the new kid on the block offers an average increase of milk output by 20% (a finding based on Willow users who pumped at least 20 times) and includes a range of pump sensitivity settings.

We asked the brand for more details and they assured us that the Willow Gen 3 has the same max suction setting as before, but there are now two lower suction levels for each mama’s unique comfort level. The sensitivity setting allows you to opt out of the smart suction technology so that you don’t automatically adjust to a higher suction level. Overall, the pump provides better control and comfort over the entire pumping experience, which lessens the stress for mamas. And since each level has a pumping rhythm that’s very similar to the way a baby nurses, it naturally means more milk will expel.

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“Our third generation pump has been updated from the inside-out to focus on giving mom the ability to tailor her experience to her needs and get the most out of every pumping session,” said Vickie Mrva, president and CMO of Willow.

According to the brand, Willow also provides a quieter experience compared to other pumps, which has always been one of its most exciting product features. As a result, users will get even more milk without the annoying, loud sucking sound that most pumps offer.

It’s also worth noting that the original Willow app always tracked milk volume, but the updated version allows mamas to receive personalized tips while on the go. Think: pumping break reminders and notifications to follow your pumping routine. The app also shows you how much milk you’ve pumped and how long you’ve been pumping on each side. And, just like the others, the new pump promises to be spill-proof—even if you’re in downward dog position at yoga class.

If pumping while on the go is your concern, you’ve just found your new bestie.

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