One of the quickest lessons I learned as a new parent was that my baby may weigh less than 10 pounds, but her stuff could fill our whole New York City apartment (and then some) if I let it. I immediately started scouring online and pestering friends for their compact baby gear solutions, from the baby swing with the smallest footprint to the single convertible car seat that would take us through elementary school. One area that plagued me the most? The bathroom.

With just one tiny bathroom with virtually zero storage to speak of, I needed all my baby’s bath necessities to fit in a caddy I could hang on the back of the door—and that included her infant tub. The answer to my prayers came in the form of one soft, collapsible tub (that also wouldn’t make a huge hit to my budget): the Puj .

Pronounced like “pudge,” this streamlined, foldable tub insert folds easily to fit in virtually any sink. The soft, pliable material is gentle enough to cradle your little one during bath time, while built-in magnets help keep the insert from sliding when things get slippery.

But the best part? When bath time is over, it folds down flat and can be hung from a hook in the shower to dry. (And did I mention the neutral styling that keeps it from being an eyesore?) When not in use, the insert collapses small enough to be tucked into a closet or even under the sink out of sight. Minimalist mama prayer answered? I should say so. So maybe I couldn’t do much about the giant box of diapers I now had to store or the toys that semi-permanently littered my living room carpet, but when it came to bath time, the Puj tub insert really cleans up.

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