Whether you have a brand new baby who's discovering the joys of tummy time, a curious crawler, or a playtime-obsessed toddler, play mats offer little ones and parents a safe and comfortable environment to bond and explore. Cushier than carpeting and far easier to clean, they often take up a significant amount of well-used space—and like a lot of baby gear, there are plenty on the market that are eye-poppingly busy and totally clash with your decor.

So, you can imagine how quickly we fell in love with Toki Mats. And judging by the fact they've sold out multiple times, tons of other mamas have, too.

Created by mama, Eli Yonas in 2017, Toki Mats creates modern, safe and stylish play mats for babies and toddlers. After giving birth to her second baby, Eli found herself in need of a comfy spot for her little ones to rest, play and learn (and get down on the floor alongside them!) She made it her mission to create a safe and non-toxic pad that's as functional as it is beautiful. Through nap times and maternity leave, she designed Toki Mats.

Inside and out, they're play mat perfection. The washable, 100% cotton covers feature fresh, neutral designs that feel right at home in any space while the non-toxic and chemical-free insert is made from the highest quality and squishiest natural foam. They're also produced at a woman-owned cut and sew factory in San Francisco. Additionally, they're designed with portability in mind. Because Toki mats have two foam inserts, they are made to easily fold in half for storage or to take along on an adventure to the park or grandma's house.

Shop our favorite Toki Mats below!

child laying on play mat

Toki Mats rainbow watercolor play mat

Adorable baby not included. Sorry.

polka dot play mat

Toki Mats mudcloth play mat

Delightfully minimalist and totally machine-washable. Win-win!

printed play mat

Toki Mats lunar play mat

This reversible cover features watercolor moons in neutrals and blues on one side with white stamped dashes on dark grey background on the other.