When I was pregnant with my first child, we learned my husband would be deployed for the first seven months of our baby's life. Knowing that I would learn how to be a parent as a solo parent was daunting, but I tried to focus on the positives. After years of trying to conceive, we were finally successful! My husband would be halfway around the world, but I knew our child would be so deeply loved. And there were hundreds of baby gear items on the market that all promised to save me time and energy.

We bought everything we could think of that would help make life with a newborn and a deployed spouse easier. We've since had another baby and our son is about to turn four. I can say that out of all the baby items we bought, all the gear that promised to alleviate problems I didn't even know existed, there's one product that I recommend to all my new mama friends. One product that lived up to and exceeded the hype—and absolutely made my parenting life easier.

QuickZip crib sheets.

I'm not a spokesperson, just a fiercely loyal fan of these sheets.

They're sold as a system. There's a fitted base sheet that you place the crib mattress into and then there's the zip-on top sheet. It's exactly as it sounds: You simply zip the top sheet into place and unzip when you're ready to wash. Once you have that fitted crib base sheet in place, you don't have to worry about lifting up your kid's mattress every time you change the sheet. Zip on, zip off. It's incredibly easy.

I'm 5'3"—not very tall for an adult. I knew I would have trouble leaning over the crib's sides to make sure the corners of a standard sheet were actually in place. With the QuickZip sheets, I don't have to break out a ladder to make sure my child has clean bedding. Even when I was heavily pregnant with our second baby, I was still able to lean down over the crib rail to zip and unzip my son's sheets. Now that he's older, he can do it himself, too.

The QuickZip sheets also helped me worry less about my babies' safe sleep environments. I never had to worry that the fitted sheet would somehow get loose and pop up in the middle of the night, potentially causing a suffocation hazard. The zippers ensure they stay in place. Period.

My son is almost four and his original QuickZip sheets are still in great condition. They've held up really well over the years, especially given how frequently we wash them. We've added to our collection with different patterns and fabrics, too. When I was pregnant with my daughter, one of
the first things I bought was another QuickZip system for her nursery.

They are more expensive than a traditional fitted sheet—$45.99 for one base/zip sheet combination. For my family, it was worth it. They saved me time, energy and worry. These sheets still make my life easier.


QuickZip crib sheets

They’re made from 100% cotton and come in a variety of colors and patterns!

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