Hello little love. My gentle soul. My sensitive child.

Sensitivity is not so easily come by these days, yet I see it emanating from your tiny spirit. There are so many unique things about you that will help you experience life so completely—you’ll embrace each day with fervor and absorb beauty like spring bud yearning for rain.

But your sensitivity will be a burden for you as well. Sometimes the rain will be too much for your little heart to bear, and you will feel inundated by this life.

Sometimes, it will be so good. And sometimes, it will be really hard.

You notice everything.

Nothing escapes you. You pick up on subtle, minute details that others miss. You point out the coloring on a caterpillar’s body that I would for sure not have noticed. You can look at a child across the playground and tell that she feels lonely (and then go over and start playing with her). You find beauty in everything.

Your attention to detail will be an invaluable skill, and you will make observations that manifest in groundbreaking outcomes.

But sometimes, this will be your burden.

Your brain is absorbing so much information, and you get tired easily. Other kids can go through their day with stamina, but you get overwhelmed and needs lots of break. And sometimes, you just can’t anymore. Other kids are playing and running at a party, and you just start crying because it’s all too much. And this will continue for you forever.

I know, it’s really hard sometimes.

You feel things very deeply.

There is nothing quite like watching you when you are happy. Your entire face smiles, your eyes sparkle like the sea, and joy seems to shoot out from your fingers and toes—it’s contagious.

Your heart will be wide open to the range of emotions available to you, and your life will be rich and full because of it.

But sometimes, this will be your burden.

You feel hard emotions deeply too. When you are sad you are profoundly sad. It’s not easy for you to “snap” out of it (not that I want you to). Your mood swings are powerful. And the first time you have your heart broken will hurt more than you can possibly imagine.

I know, it’s really hard sometimes.

Other people’s emotions are your own.

You are truly happy when you see others’ joy, and though you are so young, you show a level of compassion that many adults will never have. You love to help people, and really want the world to be a better place.

Others will come to you for comfort, because they feel truly heard and safe in your presence. You will form deep connections and bonds with people, and should you choose to become one, you will be an amazing parent.

But sometimes this will be your burden.

You will never be able to “shrug off” someone else’s pain. Please don’t misunderstand, it’s amazing to want to make others happy—but others’ happiness shouldn’t be your responsibility. Sometimes it’s simply not possible to make someone happy. And if you have children, you will feel their pain in your core.

I know, it’s really hard sometimes.

You are so very curious.

When you love something, you are passionate about it. You could spend four hours building a fairy hut out of sticks, or an entire afternoon “writing” a book. Your (never-ending) questions fascinate me, and your desire to explore the world around you is so inspiring.

I’m not sure if you’re going to be a scientist or an artist (or a fashion designer-rock climber, as you told me over dinner today)—but whatever you are, you are going to move mountains with your curiosity.

But sometimes, this will be your burden.

The world is a not-so-pretty place sometimes, and you will never be able to tread through the mess lightly. You will ask tough questions and hear very tough answers. You will entrench yourself in the challenges of life and the pain of humanity.

I know, it’s really hard sometimes.

Like all things in life, my sweet child, it can’t all be one way. Every up has a down, and everything light can suddenly shift and feel like the weight of the world.

I just want you to know that I will be there with you, through it all.

Through all of the overwhelm.

Through every sad moment.

Through every heartbreak.

Through every disappointment.

I will be there, to wrap your sensitive little self up in my hugs and love. I can’t take the burden away, but I can help you carry it.


Your sensitive mama