Fall foliage, pumpkins and sweater weather are just a few of the highlights when it comes fall. And with the holidays soon to follow, this is the best time to go all-in with the crafts. Autumn crafts for kids are a great way to celebrate the season. Not to mention, you can use these art projects as unique fall decor!

Fall leaf crafts include leafy candleholders and wreaths, garlands and little leaf monsters. Start by going on a nature walk with your child to gather leaves. You’ll be on your way to having leafy fun with these indoor activities in no time at all.

8 autumn crafts for kids

1. Leaf monsters

First, you’ll want to gather your leaves. Then, drop dollops of different colored finger paints onto a paper plate. Your little nature lover can lead with creativity and paint their leaves. Once the leaves are dry, add google eyes, big and small.

2. Mason jar leaf crafts

Leaf jars are one-of-a-kind fall leaf crafts that kids will love to make. They’ll also love to use them as nightlights when it’s all done! Dry leaves are best for this project. First, spray the leaves with spray adhesive and stick them onto the jar. It’s best to spray one at at time. Then, coat the jar with one to two coats of Mod Podge. Put a tea light inside and watch as your DIY candleholder lights up.

3. Fall wreath

Start by hollowing out a paper plate—cut it into a ring shape. If you don’t mind a white background, you can leave it as is or you can paint it a different color. Glue your leaves and let it dry. Fresh leaves, faux leaves or dried leaves—any and all kinds of leaves would work for this project. Lastly, use a ribbon or twine to hang it up.

4. Leaf garland

One of the easiest fall leaf crafts is this leaf garland. Go on a leaf hunting adventure with your little one. Use mini clothes pins to attach the leaves onto a string of twine. Hang it up for some natural fall decor.

5. Leaf rubbings

Leaf rubbings are a fun activity for all ages. All you need are some leaves, plain white paper and crayons. Place a leaf underneath a sheet of paper and rub a crayon on its side over the spot where the leaf lies. Use different colored crayons for a picturesque leaf.

6. Leaf rock painting

Go on a nature walk to gather rocks and leaves. Paint your rocks orange, yellow, red or any other color. Once your rocks are dry, you can start on leaf painting. Paint a leaf and press it gently onto a rock. Lift the leaf up and continue with the rest. Once they’re all dry, you can seal it with Mod Podge.

7. Leaf crafts collage

All those leaves can be turned into the most artsy collages. Simply glue the different leaf pieces to a sheet of paper. Keep a pair of scissors handy to help your child cut leaves into different shapes.

8. Leaf masks

Cut a mask shape out of a paper plate, cereal box or thin cardboard. Punch holes on both sides and weave a string through them. Then, glue your leaves for a unique leaf mask.

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