It’s no secret that the past few years have been rough for Lindsay Lohan, but as evidenced by the overwhelming support for Brendan Fraser in “The Whale” this year, we all love a comeback story. She is on her way with “Falling for Christmas,” which came out on November 11 on Netflix. Even though the market is saturated with romantic Christmas comedies, we can never get enough, and this one is a worthy contender for a spot on your film rotation.

“Falling for Christmas” gives us Lohan, looking bright and happy, in a sweet romantic story set in a small town—plus a handsome flannel-wearing love interest, played by Chord Overstreet of “Glee” fame. While the premise follows the formula you know for this type of story, it’s well done and convincing. Lohan plays Sierra, a hotel heiress who loses her memory after a ski accident. After her boyfriend, Tad (George Young), proposes, the engagement ring slips off her finger as he tries to keep her from sliding down the hill.

Sierra smashes her head into a tree, and the local inn owner Jake (Overstreet) finds her and takes her to the hospital, where she wakes up with amnesia. He takes her into his local inn, and it becomes painfully obvious that she is no good at normal tasks. Add in a push to save his inn from bankruptcy and a daughter who lost her mother, and we have a predictable yet charming Christmas film. 

Despite the movie following the formula, it’s really what we love in these holiday films. The main character realizes she’s with the wrong guy and falls in love with the handsome small-town fellow. We get that here, and we even get a “Mean Girls” throwback as Lohan sings along with the radio to “Jingle Bell Rock.” Not only that, she excels in either comedy or emotional scenes. Lindsay is back.

The film has the emotional punch and heart you want in a Christmas romance. There are pretty people, pretty scenery, and a worthwhile cause. The lead character has a character arc that makes her deserving of a deeper kind of love from a guy who is worth it. 

Despite all the time gone by, Lohan still has the charisma we all loved in “The Parent Trap,” “Mean Girls,” and “Freaky Friday.” There is at least one more movie that she has signed on for with Netflix, but who knows; there may be more. The actress shows us in “Falling for Christmas” that she isn’t afraid to be goofy or vulnerable in her scenes, and that is what will have us falling for her all over again.