Since becoming a mom, I have found myself deeply invested in parenting podcasts and series on motherhood. Growing from my need of having spaces where I feel validated and understood, podcasts have become an easily accessible comfort and source of solace for me as a mom. As a Black mother, finding podcasts for moms that are hosted by women of color have allowed me to feel directly connected to mothering within my culture and identity.

I rarely have time for much with a young infant on my hands these days, but podcasts have become the balance that I need in the midst of the chaos. They are the anchor that keeps me connected to myself—and gives me reassurance that I am not alone on this journey of parent and motherhood.

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I took the liberty of rounding up four podcasts for Black moms that have made me feel less alone on this journey of Black motherhood—and I’m glad to recommend them to any mama in need of a little extra parenting comfort, advice or a sense of community. So mark these down and add them to your list of listens while cleaning the house, cooking dinner, going for a walk, or simply indulging in some “me time” without the kids.

4 podcasts for moms of color to give a listen

1. Moms Actually

“Where motherhood meets sisterhood.” Hosted by Blair Gyamfi, Sopha Rush and Morgan Taylor, “Moms Actually” is a genuine and relatable space for any mama. Listening to this podcast makes me feel like I’m amongst friends who will selflessly help me unpack the highs and lows of being a mama in a down-to-earth and non-judgmental way. These three moms of color engage in raw and sincere conversations—amongst themselves and invited guests—that dig deep into the realities of motherhood that exist beyond how motherhood is often portrayed through social media. This podcast is for the mama who wants to feel seen, validated and connected to a community or sisterhood.

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When I first started listening, I can’t begin to express how I instantly felt less alone in my experiences of motherhood as a Black mom. It’s hands-down one of my favorite parenting podcasts that I will recommend to every single mama every chance I get. There are eight episodes and counting to give a listen to.

Favorite episode: “Balance and Boundaries” features Erica Campbell and gives a deep dive into the importance of balancing being a mom and a wife while not losing yourself in the midst of either one. They discuss watering the plants of motherhood and marriage in order to sustain both of those identities by allowing them to work together. I appreciated the way they shared perspective on the family dynamic as building and creating a lasting legacy that can be passed down for generations to come.

2. Our Mothers’ Gardens

“How do our mother’s stories shape our stories? How does the way we are mothered contribute to who we become?” Hosted by Satya Nelms, “Our Mothers’ Gardens” is a soft landing for all mamas. Listening to this podcast makes me feel like I’m in the warm embrace of my mother, grandmother or any other maternal figure. This podcast encourages deep reflection and beckons mamas to reminisce on how they were mothered and how that has affected how they have grown to mother their own children.

Satya Nelms welcomes guests onto every episode and discusses the complexities in maternal relationships, particularly within Black mothering relationships. There are 40 episodes for you to dive into.

Favorite episode: “Ripples of Healing” is Satya Nelms being interviewed by two of her daughters, Isys and Naomi. This episode was candid, beautiful and utterly vulnerable in my honest opinion. Satya talks about how her experiences with her own mom shaped the way she now mothers her children. She discusses healing the little girl in her who experienced childhood traumas and hurt, and how the people around her (primarily her children) are recipients of her residual healing and get to witness her transformation as she mothers them over the years.

3. The Hey Girl Podcast

“Heyyy girl.” Hosted by Alex Elle, The Hey Girl Podcast (now discontinued) has 248 episodes to sustain any mama who wants to be reminded of her softness. This podcast is also for the mama who wants to hear the hard truths that are often overlooked or not discussed. With a plethora of guests, Alex Elle discusses topics from motherhood to self-care, business, faith, navigating loss and many more essentials of womanhood that are discussed from a storytelling aspect.

Favorite episode: “Kirsten on Transformation” features Kirsten Coley Bennett on becoming a new mama and adjusting to the overwhelming emotions that accompany the journey. She talks about how becoming a mom allowed her to recognize areas that still needed healing in order for her to not repeat parenting styles that did not serve her wellbeing.

4. Parenting for the Culture

Hosted by Charisse Sims, “Parenting for the Culture” pairs education with the journey of parenthood. This podcast is for the mama who wants to feel empowered, educated and learn from others’ experiences. Charisse holds conversations amongst herself, celebrities and everyday parents that tackle topics that mamas of older children can relate to, such as keeping your children safe in school and dealing with a manipulative kid.

Favorite episode: “Stop Calling Me a SuperMom” is the first episode where Charisse debunks the myth of “supermom” and talks about how this intended compliment is truly harmful to mothers. She shares how she switched to putting her self-care above trying to live up to the standards that society has put over mothers. She also talks about learning how to separate yourself from your child as a parent and allowing them to be their own being with their own journey.

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While these are just a handful of parenting podcasts for Black moms, there are many more podcasts out there that help mothers find community and feel heard, seen and validated in their mothering experiences. So check these out, and refer them (or any others) to your mama friends. Because podcasts sure do come in handy when we have our hands full!