The holidays are synonymous with cozy nights on the couch (wearing matching pajamas, of course!) family time, and festive iterations of your favorite holiday cocktails. So, why not combine all three of those by planning a family movie night that features a festive kid-friendly flick?

From iconic holiday classics to heartwarming animated romps, we have a list of kids Christmas movies that are sure to entertain you and your kids all winter long! So grab your heated blanket and pour some eggnog, because we have everything covered—all you have to do is hit play. These are the best kids Christmas movies!

Netflix Christmas movies for kids

1. “Angela’s Christmas Wish

This animated kids comedy features Angela, a young Irish girl whose Christmas wish is to have her family celebrate the holidays together. With that hope in mind, Angela journeys to Australia to find her father and tries to make her wish come true. This cute film is packed with beautifully comical moments, and has a heartwarming plot that’s sure to entertain. 

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2. “The Christmas Chronicles

As a parent you may love “The Christmas Chronicles” because it stars real-life celebrity couple Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell as Santa and Mrs. Claus. Your kids, on the other hand, will enjoy it because it features a fun brother and sister combo who are forced to save Christmas after mistakenly causing Santa’s sleigh to crash. This family-friendly film is both heartwarming and silly, and even has a sequel—”The Christmas Chronicles 2″—if you enjoy the first one!

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3. “Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

Ten years after toymaker Jeronicus loses his confidence to create new inventions, his granddaughter Journey pays him a visit and gives him hope once again. Journey breathes life into an invention that not only uplifts Jeronicus’ spirit, but also shows him the power of family and magic. This fantasy is whimsical, cheery, and packed with musical numbers, making it an easy holiday watch that’s sure to win your kids over. 

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4. “The Princess Switch

In the same vein as the classic flick “The Parent Trap,” “The Princess Switch” follows a humble Chicago baker and a princess-in-waiting who swap places after realizing they look alike. Their switch leads to everything from misadventure to surprise romance, as the girls fall in love with people in each other’s lives. Despite the romantic undertones this movie is PG and lighthearted, and even has two sequels available on Netflix if you love the first one!

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5. “The Star

Think of the Nativity story but in this version there are animated animals doing the retelling. The movie follows Bo, a sweet donkey who is on the journey of a lifetime with Mary and Joseph. The Christmas theme and religious historical context for the holiday comes on strong.

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6. “Scrooge: A Christmas Carol

It’s Christmas Eve and Ebenezer Scrooge only has one night to face the past and possibly change his bleak future. Luke Evans stars in this Netflix original that’s based on a classic Christmas story.

7. “My Little Pony: Winter Wishday

Join the Mane 5 as they begin celebrating their favorite holiday traditions. But, time’s running out, can they make it back to the Wishing Star in time to exchange gifts?

Disney+ Christmas movies for kids

8. “Santa Buddies

If your family is filled with dog lovers, this is the holiday movie for you. “Santa Buddies” is about the son of Santa Paws, Puppy Paws, and the magical and adventurous journey he takes with his dog friends to save Christmas. This film is filled with cute moments and an easy-to-follow story, which is perfect for young kids (but still fun for a parent to watch along!)

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9. “Good Luck Charlie, It’s Christmas!

This holiday special is based on the popular Disney TV show “Good Luck Charlie,” and follows mom and daughter pair Amy and Teddy who get separated from their family while en route to their holiday vacation spot. The story chronicles their laugh-out-loud mishaps and the inventive tactics they take while trying to reunite with their family in time for Christmas day. It’s fun, light, and the perfect family-friendly film.

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10. “Home Alone 2

If you and your kids loved the original “Home Alone,” you need to watch “Home Alone 2: Lost In New York!” The second installment of the holiday classic brings back all your favorite characters, including Kevin McCallister, his parents, and even Harry and Marv. Follow as Kevin once again gets separated from his family during yet another Christmas trip, and all the adventurous scenarios Kevin finds himself in during the process. 

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11. “Noelle

It’s Nick’s time to take over the role of Santa from his father Kris Kringle—until he gets cold feet and runs away, that is. This holiday film follows the journey of Kris Kringle’s daughter, Noelle, as she hunts for her brother and tries to bring him back home. This fun romp starring Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader is nothing short of silly and heartwarming, and is definitely a great choice for family movie night. 

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12. “Disney’s A Christmas Carol

Jim Carey’s Ebenezer Scrooge doesn’t care for Christmas and he especially doesn’t care that his long-time, loyal clerk wants to be home with his own family on the eve of the holidays. But, he’s soon visited by three ghosts that force him to contend with his past and take him on a journey of self-discovery. Some of the effects might be a bit intense for little viewers but this classic story is a holiday staple and among the most popular kids Christmas movies.

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13. “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

This is a live-action adaptation of the Christmas ballet. Disney’s reimagining of the classic story features Clara, a young girl whose mother leaves her a mysterious parting gift. From then on she embarks on a wondrous journey through four realms.

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14. “The Muppet Christmas Carol

If your child already loves the muppets then adding this film to your list of kids Christmas movies is a done deal. You get the beloved muppets characters, famous actors and a classic Christmas story all in one.

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15. “Mickey’s Christmas Carol

If your child doesn’t prefer the muppet’s adaptation and isn’t too fond of the Jim Carey Scrooge, then maybe this take on the classic story featuring Mickey Mouse and friends will be a hit. It still features the three ghosts but Mickey and friends definitely make this easier on the eyes for little viewers.

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HBO Max Christmas movies for kids

16. “Elf

If you watched “Elf” as an adolescent yourself, you definitely know it’s a throwback worth sharing with your kids! This over-the-top comedy follows Buddy, played by Will Ferrell, who was raised in the North Pole as an elf. When Buddy realizes he’s a human and not a real elf, he takes a journey to America to discover his true roots—resulting in many hilarious fish-out-of-water moments that will have the entire family laughing. 

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17. “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

If your family loves comedy, “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” is sure to hit the spot. Like the rest of the “National Lampoon” films, this classic follows the hilarious mishaps that the Griswold family finds themselves in. From a disastrous Christmas Eve dinner to a citywide power cut due to their Christmas lights, the Griswolds’ misadventures will have you laughing non-stop. FYI: it has a parent rating of 11+ on Common Sense Media.

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A version of this post was published November 17, 2021. It has been updated.