That golden bird usually gets the most attention on Thanksgiving, but these plant-based dishes will give any turkey a run for its money. Bonus? Every recipe here is kid-tested and easy enough for busy parents to pull off.

If you’re cooking for Thanksgiving, these plant-based Thanksgiving recipes are sure-fire crowd pleasers. So, whether you’re looking for vegan Thanksgiving recipes or vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes, check out this complete holiday menu that has something tasty for everyone.

Plant-based Thanksgiving snacks & starters

1. Personal veggie cups with dip

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about enticing kids to eat more veggies it’s this: don’t underestimate the power of dip. Especially when it looks fancy.

2. Shortcut sweet potato hummus

Gussy up a package of store-bought hummus with this gorgeous upgrade.

3. Gobble gobble veggie tray

So cute, so simple.

Plant-based Thanksgiving salads & sides

4. Roasted carrots with maple syrup

If you can open a bag of baby carrots, you’re halfway done with a crowd-pleaser that works as well for Thanksgiving as it does for a busy weeknight dinner.

5. Wild rice and sweet potato salad

Pears, walnuts, sweet potatoes! I love a salad like this for kids because you can add (or take out) anything you need to make it enjoyable for everyone.

6. Low-sugar cranberry sauce

Careful. My kids ask for this ruby red, tangy and just-sweet-enough sauce year-round. But trust me, it’s worth it.

7. Kale salad with balsamic dressing

Don’t stop reading yet! Here comes the magical kale salad I’ve served to kids young and old and no one, not even the pickiest of eaters, has ever turned it down.

8. Maple glazed sweet potatoes with brussels sprouts

The secret to making cruciferous vegetables taste good is simple: roast them! And in this case, add a familiar (and often beloved) food like sweet potatoes. Bathe the whole thing in maple syrup and who can resist?

9. Easy roasted acorn squash

Use coconut oil in place of butter and you’ll still have a hit with this one.

Plant-based celebration-worthy Thanksgiving entrees

10. Vegetable pot pie

Make it miniature! Full of hearty mushrooms and butternut squash, topped with flaky (and more importantly, ready-to-use) puff pastry, these individual pot pies are so festive.

11. Potato galette with corn

This is my go-to dish for feeding vegetarians at Thanksgiving. For a vegan version, skip the feta.

12. Instant Pot farro risotto with mushrooms and toasted pecans

Save oven space AND skip the stirring with this simplified take on a classic.

13. Sweet potato and carrot stew with rosemary biscuits

This satisfying stew is practically a celebration in a pan. Bonus: let the kids help cut out a few shapes for the biscuits on top.

Plant-based Thanksgiving desserts

14. Chocolate pumpkin cake

Pumpkin keeps this cake moist without adding any dairy. For your vegan Thanksgiving recipes, substitute the eggs with either a mashed banana or ½ cup applesauce for this dessert.

15. Cran-raspberry pecan tart with whole-grain crust

It doesn’t get any more colorful, sweet or simple with this all-in-one tart. Stay vegan by using coconut oil in place of butter.

A version of this post was published October 28, 2021. It has been updated.