Pinterest may have predicted it, but moms have known this for ages–showers are where it’s at. According to their 2023 trend report, this year is all about the elevated shower routine. And I am 100% here for it.

I’ve never been a bath person. Even when you set the temp one degree shy of lava, it always seems to cool too quickly for my liking. Not to mention the fact it just feels like you’re stewing in a self-soup. No, no. Give me a steady stream of piping hot water, my beloved exfoliating mitt and some shower steamers and I can spend a solid half hour escaping my family and obligations just the same.

Designed to help transform your bathroom into a spa, shower steamers (aka shower bombs) offer an added dose of aromatherapy to your daily routine. They’re amazingly helpful if you’re battling a cough or congestion and make winding down at the end of the day a total treat.

How do you use a shower steamer?

Place it on the floor of the shower directly in front of you–far enough out of the direct stream but not so far that the vapors miss a direct hit to your nose–and then just stand there. Breathe. Sing. Ponder why Tanya didn’t just use the stairs to get off the Yacht and into the boat instead of, well…IYKYK.

We’ve been sold the idea that baths are the place to luxuriate and showers are a speedy act of convenience, but no more! You don’t have to scrub up and dash out. Let the steam and aromatherapy actually be therapeutic. (Not to mention, the second you interrupt their magic with fragranced shampoo or body wash, it’s all over.) Of course there’s the very likely chance someone will need to poop before you’re ready to get out (#momlife), but that’s a gamble worth taking.

If you’re ready to give bath bombs the boot in favor of their trendier, more convenient counterpart, I’ve rounded up some of my personal favorite and highly rated shower steamers below. Happy steaming!

7 best shower bombs to try now

The Radiant Rhino Lavender Shower Steamers

The Radiant Rhino


Tranquility Shower Steamers (5-Pack)

You may have had to scoop sixteen plastic toys out of the way to get in, but if you close your eyes, The Radiant Rhino Tranquility Shower Steamers will convince you that you’ve been transported to a spa. While I’ve tried some that barely give off any scent, these divinely potent bricks are the exact opposite. The mentholated lavender is strong in the best way, opening up your sinuses and helping ease you into sleep mode. And while they are on the pricier side, I can generally get 2-3 showers out of a single steamer.

Marbela Eucalyptus Shower Fizzies



Shower Fizzies (12-Pack)

Handmade in Georgia, Marbela’s star-shaped Shower Fizzes give your shower a refreshing burst of eucalyptus that invigorates the senses. The all-natural ingredients deliver a pleasant dose of aromatherapy without making a mess or staining the tub and they even come in a convenient little jar to keep them fresh.

Vicks Vapo Shower Plus



VapoShower Plus (12-Pack)

If you’ve ever stood under a stream of hot water begging it to make you feel human again, the Vicks VapoShower Plus Shower Tablets are for you. The non-medicated tablets blast your bathroom (and sinuses!) with the soothing aromas of menthol and eucalyptus to help clear congestion when you’re under the weather or just need a little extra oomph to start or end the day. And given the fact we’re being hammered with every germ and sickness imaginable these days, do yourself a favor and stash a box away for your next battle. Thousands of five star reviews tout their ability to offer some relief from everything from seasonal allergies to RSV.

Laki Naturals Neroli Shower Fizzies

Laki Naturals


Neroli Shower Fizzies (2-Pack)

These clementine-sized fizzies not only add fragrance to your shower ritual, they also scent the entire bathroom long after you get out. Since they’re so large, I keep it in the shower between uses and the citrusy-floral neroli wafts out the door until it’s finally dissolved 3-4 showers later.

Lush Sleepy Shower Bomb



Sleepy Shower Bomb

Unlike traditional shower steamers, the Lush Sleepy Shower Bomb offers more than just soothing aromatherapy. Pop it under the stream to let it expand, then swipe off the luxurious foam to lather up! Infused with their signature Sleepy scent–a calming blend of lavender and sweet/nutty/vanilla-y tonka bean–it makes the perfect addition to an indulgent nighttime shower. And even though it’s fairly small, you can definitely get a few showers out of it. Just store it out of the shower between uses!

Cleverfy Shower Steamers



Shower Steamers (6-Pack)

With over 36K ratings, the Cleverfy Shower Steamers are an Amazon favorite that get high marks for everything from the quality of aroma to the totally giftable packaging. Inside the box you’ll find six sizeable Smarties-esque pucks, each infused with a different scent. Of course there are the usual suspects like lavender, eucalyptus and menthol but they also offer some unique fruity options as well. I mean, how can you have a bad day if you begin it enveloped in a watermelon steam?

BodyRestore Energize Shower Steamers

Body Restore


Energize Shower Steamers (12-Pack)

Speaking of fruity, if that’s your vibe check out the Energize Shower Steamers from Body Restore. The individually-wrapped tablets are packed with citrusy essential oils that make a morning shower the ultimate pick-me-up. Each one can last for up to two showers and they’re so cute you don’t even have to stash them in the closet. Pop them in a glass jar to display on a bathroom shelf!