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From reducing fine lines to getting a fresh, glowy complexion, moisturized skin is key. And if you’re anything like me, your bathroom cabinet is bursting with topical skincare products like creams, oils and serums to do the trick. I’ve found ingredients I swear by (caffeine to tighten and de-puff, niacinamide to brighten), and ones that didn’t live up to the hype (snail mucin, I’m looking at you). But over the past couple years, as the ingestible beauty market has expanded, I’ve wondered if part of my skincare regimen should take up kitchen counter space as well. 

I’ve dabbled in collagen and beauty supplements packed with antioxidants and omega-3’s, but to be honest, digging through the research to support my skin from the inside out overwhelms me. That’s why I’m thrilled about Ritual’s new HyaCera Daily Skin Hydration capsules. 

If you’re not already familiar with Ritual, let’s catch up. Launched by Katerina Schneider in 2016, Ritual made a name for itself with the Essential Prenatal. Because of their relentless research, high-quality ingredients and overall transparency, it’s now one of the top selling prenatal vitamins on the market. So when their customers began requesting a skincare supplement, they dug in and did the research far better than I ever could. 

According to Ritual, “When looking at the category and the ingredients, we found that either products contained ingredients with no clinical studies, or clinical studies didn’t match the dosages or forms. On top of that, there were some really bold claims.  It was hard to find something that was truly validated by our standards. After extensive research, we selected two of the best clinically-studied ingredients shown to hydrate skin and help minimize wrinkles.” 

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Courtesy of Ritual

What are the two ingredients in Ritual HyaCera supplements? Ceratique and Hyabest. 


Found in the amber-colored outer layer, Ceratiq is a sustainably harvested, ceramide-rich wheat oil extract which has been shown to reduce fine lines and hydrate skin. Each capsule contains 350mg, the same dose studied in human clinical trials. (


The white inner capsule is Hyabest, a bio-fermented hyaluronic acid which has a lower molecular weight than found in topical versions, allowing it to be more rapidly absorbed. Most importantly, this form and dose (120mg) has been clinically studied for skin support and shown to help improve wrinkles and elasticity. (While this comes from wheat, it’s processed in a way that makes it suitable for gluten-free diets.)

Like all of Ritual’s offerings, HyaCera is backed by research and third-party tested to ensure it does what they say it does. (You may be surprised to learn that’s not actually required!) Moreover, all the ingredients are non-GMO, sustainable, vegan and fully traceable, which means they tell you exactly where and how they’re sourced. 

The Ritual HyaCera design

I’ve taken all kinds of supplements, but none that look like this one. The space-age looking capsule separates each ingredient with a capsule-in-capsule technology that allows them to maintain their individual integrity. 

I also love that they taste faintly of vanilla, thanks to an essence tab in the moisture-proof bottle. Yes, I am an adult. But I can’t tell you how many formulas I’ve abandoned because I just can’t stomach that vitamin aftertaste. (Or worse.) These are incredibly pleasant going down and don’t make themselves known after the fact either. 

How to take Ritual HyaCera

Another thing I appreciate about the formula is how easy it is to incorporate into a routine. It’s been formulated to be taken morning or night, with or without food. As someone whose schedule varies by the day, it helps to ensure I don’t miss a dose. 

Of course that’s super important since consistency is key. Based on the clinical studies, it takes about 90 days to see results. 

While I’m not kicking my lotions and potions to the curb yet, I’m happy to have an additional support that’s backed by science to give my aging skin the love it needs.

Ritual Hyacera Skincare supplement


Hyacera Skincare Supplement


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