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We are so over seeing those new mamas just a few weeks postpartum getting right back into their fitness routines. And yet, we are so inspired by those new mamas just a few weeks postpartum getting right back into their fitness routines!

The truth is, getting into a fitness routine after baby looks different for all of us. For some, it’s running a marathon. For others, it’s just taking daily walks with baby. Over the last few weeks, we’ve partnered with Mountain Buggy to share a few stroller-friendly workouts you can try to achieve your #fitmomintentions. But there’s so many other paths to fitness postpartum! Here’s a few more real mom stories to give you the fitinspiration you need to lace up your sneakers and go!

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what real moms share their postpartum fitness goals 0Ashley Miller (above)
When I was in my twenties, I struggled with anorexia, disordered eating and obsessive exercise practices. With the help of my amazing husband and supportive family I was able to move past the obsessive behavior and develop a love for my body, as well as healthy eating and exercise habits.

Given my past health history, my husband and I had to utilize fertility treatments and intrauterine insemination to conceive our son. We were very blessed to conceive on the first round of treatments, and we were blessed with a healthy baby boy on December 11th.

Throughout my pregnancy it was important for me to continue running and keep up my healthy diet. I was able to stay focused on the blessing of our pregnancy, and did not back slide into unhealthy eating habits. I ran throughout my whole pregnancy under the supervision of my physician and even ran 2 miles on the day I delivered. I had an amazing pregnancy and delivery which I attribute to my continued physical activity throughout the pregnancy.

Running is a way for me to connect with myself, contemplate my day and relax. I started back running two weeks postpartum with no issues, and I feel that it gave me the mental strength to get through the first couple weeks of limited sleep.

I can not wait to be able to run with my son and instill healthy lifestyle practices in him. I want him to enjoy the outdoors and exercise as much as my husband and I do. I am proud of myself for maintaining a healthy pregnancy and setting realistic goals.

Isis Arias
My #fitmomintention is to get back into working out post second baby. This birth went from a plan for a natural delivery to an unexpected C-section. My recovery has been much more extensive than with my first baby, and I have had limited mobility.

My fitness goal is to train for a 5K this April and potentially train for a larger race, such as a half or full marathon, later in the year.

what real moms share their postpartum fitness goals 1Maria Eugenia Rodriguez (above)
We were trying to have a baby for 10 months, and I got pregnant the cycle I ran my first half marathon in N.J. on Sept 18th. Finishing the half marathon was not only a big achievement, but a blessing that brought us a sweet baby boy!

I kept running while pregnant, and now that my baby is here, my #fitmomintention was to run the NYC half marathon on March 18th, and I did it!

The start of my 9-month pregnancy was marked by a half marathon, and my 9-month old son was at the finish line when I ran the NYC half marathon. So a great coincidence!

Mom to Baby Grieboski
My husband and I are about to adopt our first child, and we couldn’t be more excited. It has been a very long time coming, but it will all be more than worth the wait!

We are adopting for several reasons: First, I have MS, and thus would put myself and a fetus at extreme danger. Second, my husband was adopted, and so it is a family tradition for us! Third, and perhaps most importantly, we feel called to give love to a child in need.

Given my MS, the most important thing, other than my strict diet, is to maintain a rigorous exercise regimen. I am hoping that my walking, and jogging are things that I can continue with our precious little one. I can only be the parent that I want to be if I stay in the best shape that I possibly can, and I hope to pass my passion for health onto our baby.

After years of being bedridden, brain surgery, experimental drugs, and chemotherapy, under the supervision of one of the best MS specialists in the world, I have finally overcome the worst of it, and with diet and exercise, have reclaimed my life. Today, I take no prescription drugs, which is down from 8 at the worst of it, and control my MS with a European protocol of the Ketogenic Diet, B-12, Vitamin D, Magnesium, and Calcium. I have been incredibly blessed to be given a second chance, and I hope to pass that along to our baby.

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