As we all spend the next few weeks receiving deliveries and waiting in endless lines to make sure our kids have everything they could possibly want or need for Christmas, this new survey will probably make you think twice about where you're hiding them.

Storage company Neighbor polled 1,000 people to see where they hide their Christmas presents, and it looks like we've all got the same idea—the bedroom closet. And it looks like we've got to get a little more original, because the kids are onto us.

50% of people polled have been successful in their gift-hiding—but that means 50% of people have had a hidden present get found.

Where people are hiding their Christmas presents

Aside from the tried-and-true bedroom closet, many people hide their Christmas presents in spare rooms, coat closets, under the bed, and in the trunks of their cars. Only 16% of people polled say they store them in the basement, and 15% use the garage.

Personally, we're garage people. We stash them in a handful of giant empty boxes from Amazon purchases throughout the year and cover those boxes in tarps if necessary. My bedroom closet is a no-go because my daughters adore playing in my high heels (hey, at least someone's using them) and clothes, so garage it is! So far, no one is the wiser.

Where kids are looking for their Christmas presents

Unfortunately, kids are always smarter than we want them to be when it comes to things like this. The first place they look is the place where a majority of people hide their presents, because of course it is.

Neighbor says these are the survey answers for where the sneaky little stinkers are finding their gifts:

I'm telling you, give the garage a try. Kids usually aren't looking in there for anything, and they're probably already used to seeing cardboard boxes piled up in there anyway.

Happy hiding!