It's Father's Day and that means two things: Plenty of dads were served breakfast in bed this morning and plenty more were served compliments and recognition on social media throughout the day.

Celebrities are no exception, with the parenting partners of several famous dads posting pics of the men they're celebrating today. These five Instagram posts in particular melt our hearts.

Kim Kardashian’s message to Kanye West




Kim Kardashian gave a shout out to 'shout out to all of the amazing dads out there', including, of course, her husband Kanye West, who definitely proved his dad skills earlier in the weekend. While Kardashian's Father's' Day post featured a pic of Kanye carrying daughter North on his shoulders, the day before the father-of-three was photographed carrying North in his arms in a less happy moment.

During a trip to New York City to celebrate her birthday, North got a bit overwhelmed (as 5-year-olds often do) and broke down, and cameras captured the moment Kanye scooped her up to stop a tantrum while serving some serious dad face.

The two photos prove an important point: The happy times make for great Father's Day posts, but the more challenging parenting moments can also illustrate how amazing a dad really is.










Chrissy Teigen’s rap for John Legend



Teigen began her ode to Legend with lines borrowed from Salt N' Peppa: "What a man, what a man, what a mighty good man."

We've watched Legend go from supportive husband to involved father and totally get why Teigen would choose this caption for her "best friend and partner". He's behind her every step of the way, from helping her through postpartum after Luna's birth to keeping now 2-year-old Luna engaged while Teigen nurses newborn Miles.

Whitney Port’s message for Tim Rosenman



There is something so magical about the moment a man becomes a father for the first time, and it could be seen in the series of photos Hills alum Whitney Port posted today, showing husband Tim Rosenman shedding a tear in a hospital room and later cuddling with his newborn son, Sonny.

"You are everything I ever wanted in a father for my child," she wrote.

Jessa Duggar’s relatable photo



Duggar's message to husband Ben Seewald had similar sentiments, but she tried to snap a posed family portrait to go with it. As is so often the case with toddlers , things did not go as planned.

"Always gotta be at least one kid that won't sit still for that pic," she joked.

Ayesha Curry’s heartfelt thank you to Steph Curry



The currently pregnant celebrity chef posted a series of black and white photos of her NBA player husband with their daughters, Riley and Ryan, noting that Curry has set the bar very high for any future men in their daughters lives, and that he'll no doubt be as great a dad to three kids as he has been to two.

Justin Timberlake's letter to his son



​A lot of the #fathersday posts today were from mothers to fathers, but Justin Timberlake posted a father to son message that is just so sweet and really sums up what today is all about. It's not just a celebration of dads, but a celebration of the bonds they have with their children.

"The last 3 years of my life have brought more joy than I could ever imagine. Being a father is such a trip... an amazing discovery every day. My son: it is my honor to be your Daddy."

As our feeds fill up with messages thanking the fathers in our lives lets take a moment to recognize that today's dads are doing more than any other generation of fathers. That means the guys on this list, and all dads, definitely deserve the recognition they're getting today.

Happy Father's Day!