From watching the Macy’s Parade to spending hours in the kitchen cooking and chatting, Thanksgiving is a day filled with tradition. And whether you want to blame Instagram or TikTok, these days no holiday can escape the tradition of matching family attire.

Whether you’re all working up your appetite with a chilly game of backyard football or vegging out in front of the television, these Thanksgiving shirts come in sizes for the entire crew. (Provided you don’t have other Thanksgiving outfits planned for the kids!) They’re perfect for a big ol’ family photo and one of them can even spark a new holiday tradition.

Check out our favorite family Thanksgiving shirts below and get ready for the most low-key day of the year!


1. Little Mama Shirt Shop Thankful Sweatshirt


This back to basics sweatshirt comes in several color combos for an understated but perfectly on-brand message. (Adults here!)


2. Free to Be Kids Land Acknowledgement Tee


A tee shirt, positive message and educational opportunity in one, Free to Be Kids Land Acknowledgement shirts crack open Thanksgiving’s most important discussion. Instead of the Pilgrims and Indians fairytale (after all, Columbus called the people he encountered “Indians” because well, he thought he was in India?) your family can take some time to explore whose tribal lands we live on and learn more about the tribal nations that still very much exist today. Check out the Native Land web site, and type your city name into the search box to find out which tribe (or tribes) are in your area. Once you’ve got it, write the name into the space with permanent marker. From there, you can work together to learn more about the people, their traditions and history. What’s more, 25% of proceeds from the shirts will be donated to the Center to Native American Youth. (There’s a variety of styles and sizes for everyone in the family!)


3. Ice Cream Life Turkey Pie Nap Repeat Tee


Need a reminder of the day’s agenda? You got it. (And it’s available in mama sizes too!)


4. Little Mama Shirt Shop Stuffed Sweatshirt


Perfectly cozy for those post-dinner naps. (Adults here!)


5. Gobble Gobble Gobble Raglan


With sizes for infants to adults, this is one the entire family can get in on.

A version of this post was published October 16, 2021. It has been updated.