The holidays are a great way to encourage and support your child’s creative side, and what better way to embrace creativity than with coloring pages! Whether your little turkey is a future artist or someone who loves getting their energy out by scribbling on paper, these Thanksgiving coloring sheets are a fun way to stay entertained this Thanksgiving season. We’ve rounded up a colorbook’s worth of free coloring pages with illustrations of turkeys, pumpkins, scarecrows, pie, and more. To access these coloring sheets, all you have to do is click each page’s link, download, and hit print. Don’t forget your magic box of crayons, too!

Pregame your big Thanksgiving feast with these fun, printable coloring pages for kids.

Turkey Coloring Page

This turkey coloring page from Primary Games is too adorable. Encourage your kiddo to color the turkey’s feathers with different vibrant colors like red, blue, yellow, orange, and green. Then, help them cut out the image and hang their Thanksgiving masterpiece on the fridge.

Pilgrim Hat and Leaves Coloring Page

Another free printable sheet courtesy of Primary Games, this pilgrim hat and leaf coloring page features simple, large size images, which are perfect for little ones who may need help coloring within the lines.

Cornucopia Coloring Page

This free printable coloring page from Primary Games doubles as an educational exercise. While your child is coloring, ask them to point and list the fruits and vegetables in the cornucopia.

Happy Thanksgiving Coloring Page

What better way to wish your friends and family a happy Thanksgiving than with a homemade drawing? Grandma and grandpa will love this heartfelt piece of artwork.

Turkey Holding a Pie Coloring Page

Download this cute (and free!) coloring page at the click of a button. The drawing from Primary Games depicts a cute cartoon turkey holding a pumpkin pie. There are tons of shapes and details your kid can lean into if they like a challenge.

Thankful Coloring Page

This thankful coloring page embodies the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday. Use this activity to spark up a conversation with your child about what each of you are thankful for.

Scarecrow at the Pumpkin Patch Coloring Page

Find new creative ways to celebrate Thanksgiving this fall like with this scarecrow and pumpkin patch coloring page. The autumn-inspired illustration features a standing scarecrow dressed in a straw hat and outfit, three large pumpkins, and falling leaves.

Gobble Gobble Turkey Coloring Page

Thanks to Doodle Art Alley, this gobble gobble turkey coloring page can be downloaded free of charge. The coloring sheet features a Thanksgiving turkey and fall leaves — your child will have tons of fun putting their own colorful spin on this one.

Detailed Turkey Coloring Page

If you have a future Picasso or Van Gogh on your hands, may we suggest this intricately detailed turkey coloring page by Doodle Art Alley? The illustration has a variety of geometric shapes and fine lines that are sure to keep your kid both happy and busy.

I’m Thankful For Coloring Page

How about an interactive coloring page? This printable, free I’m Thankful For page prompts kids to write or draw eight things they’re thankful for. Parents, siblings, and relatives can get in on the action, too, by helping fill out the boxes with things or people they’re thankful for.

My Thanksgiving Meal Coloring Page

Another free, printable coloring page from Doodle Art Alley, this sheet asks kids to draw their Thanksgiving meal. It’s a fun way to talk about you and your child’s favorite or least favorite Thanksgiving foods and plan for the big feast day!

Corn and Flowers Coloring Page

A departure from the traditional turkey and cornucopia coloring pages, this harvest-themed coloring page by Crayola features corn, beautiful sunflowers, and wheat. Anyone can download this page on the Crayola website for free.

Happy Turkey Day Coloring Page

Available for free on Crayola, this silly, printable turkey coloring page depicts a Thanksgiving turkey leaning against two enormous pumpkins holding a pie and apple in either hand. It's super cute, reads “Happy Turkey Day,” and includes a lot of popular items for the November holiday.