Gotten a little wrapped up baby-planning? We don't blame you. But there's no time like Valentine's Day to refocus on the person you made the baby with….and have them refocus on you. So go ahead and treat your partner (and yourself!) to something special that does NOT belong in baby's nursery. Here's a houseful of ideas.

MOM 1. Kitchen: Coffee. If you didn't drink coffee pre-baby, there's a good chance you'll take up the habit very soon. And if you already indulged, your intake will surely rise. Change up your routine with a monthly delivery of some of the best beans from 3 months coffee/$180 2. Closet: Elastic Waist pants. Pregnancy shopping is fun...during pregnancy. When that 9-month stretch is over though, it's all about “normal" clothes, albeit ones that feel good. Like elastic-waist pants. These Rachel Pally's are a total winner, but we'll take pretty much anything from our fave mom-friendly site, Rachel Pally Dean Elastic Waist Pants, $198 3. Bathroom: Luxe Bathrobe. You're going to be spending a lot of time naked during those early weeks of baby, but there will be times you have to get “decent" (you know, for a pizza delivery and such). This bathrobe is as comfy-cozy for you as it will be for new baby to snuggle up to. Kassatex Abeille Robe, $199 4. Bedroom: Dream Catcher. Whether you're getting precious ZZZs while preparing for baby's arrival or cuddling your new little bundle, your bed is a sacred place. Give yourself (and baby) some extra good dream vibes with this gorgeous handmade masterpiece. Line & Label Dreamcatcher, $95 5. Living Room: Little Giraffe Throw. There's some adult things we'd just never know about if we didn't have Little Giraffe's home line. There's a reason all the babies love to cozy up to these blankies--we're loving this mom-sized version. Little Giraffe Dolce Moroccan Throw, $159 6. The Body: Eternity Ring. Sure, we don't need a gift to reward us for having a baby. This Grace Lee eternity ring wouldn't hurt though. Grace Lee Beaded Triangle Eternity Ring, $335 DAD 1. Kitchen: Home-Cooked Meal. After years of planning the perfect, romantic night out, dad finally gets a pass. But just because mom wants to dine at home doesn't mean her tastebuds should suffer. Thankfully Good Eggs can deliver a fully fleshed-out farm-to-table meal for two. Good Eggs Surf & Turf for Two, $45.98 2. Closet: Backpack. Becoming a dad can be a guy's first foray into the world of man-bags--one diaper blowout and your man will never leave home unarmed again. Help him dad-up in style with a cool backpack like this one from the good guys at Odin New York. Joshu + Vela Day Pack, $230 3. Bathroom: Archipelago Diffuser. Sometimes dad needs “dad-time." Let him retreat to the bathroom for a short getaway--with this sweet-smelling diffuser you'll never even know he was there. Archipelago Blue Agave Fragrance Diffuser, $35 4. Bedroom: Jawbone Up3. Most people think of an activity tracker to help motivate you during the day, but new dads could use a little reminder to take care of themselves at night. Jawbone's brand new Up3 has advanced sensors to help maximize your sleep, even when there's very little of it. Jawbone Up3 Fitness Tracker, $179.99 5. Living Room: Amazon Fire TV Stick. Baby's arrival often means many hours logged on the living room couch. Before you fill your DVR with Thomas the Train and Dora (it WILL happen), let Dad get caught up on some of his favorite shows while little one's fast asleep. Amazon Fire TV Stick, $39 6. The Body: Tattoo. There's no time like baby time to add a little ink to your life. But practice makes perfect, so test out a few designs from our friends at Tattly before taking the plunge. Tattly Lucky Set, $15 SHOP OUR GIFT IDEAS