When your home is bombarded with clutter or has maintained exactly the same look for the past decade, there’s a good possibility that it’s time to consider mixing things up . No, we aren’t talking about costly home renovations or purchasing all new furniture. However, keeping the essentials and purchasing some visually appealing items is essential. Rotating home decor, which interior decorators recommend doing every three years to avoid boredom, is another way to improve how you feel about the appearance of your home.

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There are plenty of relatively inexpensive options you can rotate every few years or at your leisure: throw pillows, indoor plants, wall art, bedding, storage baskets, duvet covers, and more. Then there are staples that can remain year round—pieces that are meaningful to you or simply spruce up your home without the need to relocate or frequently replace them.

When you switch up the look of your home without breaking the bank, studies show that you will feel more content and get an overall boost in mood . We’ve hand-selected some of our favorite home decor options to get you started. And don’t worry, you can thank us later.

South Street Loft Paper Vine Bench

South Street Loft


Paper Vine Bench

Whether to dress up the foot of the bed or neatly tucked into an entryway, we love the style and function of a well-placed bench. And we’re particularly fond of this wood and rope piece from South Street Loft. The varying textures give visual interest while the shelf underneath adds a layer of practicality.

Clover by Jo Cotton Pillow

Clover by Jo


Chunky Tassel Cotton Pillow

Throw pillows are a necessity, a home decor item that can totally change the appearance of an entire room. Many folks enjoy rotating their throw pillows for new ones every few years in order to add a different splash of color. That said, investing in a new collection can get pricey! For a look that won’t break the bank, we’re crushing on this cotton style from Clover by Jo. With their chunky tassels and subtle stripe they’re gorg in the living room or even on the patio!

Fredricks Floor Pillow



Floor Pillow

Then again, the couch and bed aren’t the only place for pillows! Our favorite way to cozy up a space is with some colorful, oversize floor pillows, like these tufted beauties from Fredricks. Not only do they add some extra seating–they can quickly become the most coveted spot for movie night.

Opalhouse table runner

Opalhouse designed with Jungalow


Cotton Table Runner

Summer up your dining table with this colorful runner from the obsession-worthy Opalhouse line from Target. The bold hues make it a great anchor for a dining room refresh and the tassles? Well they’re just fun. (Honestly we love pretty much everything they come up with so definitely click around.)

letterfolk mat



Tile Mat

Make your doorstep more Instagrammable than ever with Letterfolk’s customizable doormat. The rubber mat comes with 150 contrasting hexagon tile “caps” that can be used to create endless words, patterns and designs. There are tons of ideas on their website along with a digital design tool if you’re feeling particularly creative. And when you really get into it there are tons of gorgeous color tiles to add to your creations and keep it fresh.

Thraie Assos Peshtemal



Assos Peshtemal

Regular towels have a tendency of acquiring a mildew odor in addition to harboring a ton of bacteria. Thriae’s peshtemals are the best of the best—they look beautiful in the bathroom due to their calming color palettes, and the material dries much faster than regular towels.

The Turkish long cotton and flat weave is soft and absorbent, and with five colors to choose from, you’re sure to find one that suits you, while making bath time more peaceful than ever.

School House Ion Lamp

School House


Ion Lamp

When it comes to creating an ambiance, good lighting can make all the difference. And you don’t need to spend a bazillion dollars investing in hard-wiring lighting to achieve a look you love. The Ion Lamp from Schoolhouse–the masters of gorgeous lighting–looks just as eye-catching off as it does on. With the bulb exposed it illuminates with the most warm and calming light, almost like candle light–a perfect lamp for bedside tables and late night working sessions.

parachute cloud cotton shower curtain



Cloud Cotton Shower Curtain

Turkish towels will freshen up your bathroom, while Parachute’s Turkish cotton shower curtain will take it to the next level. And it’s one-of-a-kind—you can’t possibly find one that is more visually appealing. This one is admittedly a splurge, but consider that you won’t have to replace your shower curtain for years due to this one’s quality.

pink calla lilies with mister



Pink Calla Blooming Plant

There are several studies that have proven indoor plants can give us a better quality of life and improve the state of our mental health. We can change the way our home looks and how it makes us feel by placing plants in every room and switching them out as we please.

Plants.com is excellent for premium quality plants, and personally, we are partial to the pink calla lilies—they’re low maintenance and even come with an attractive gold mister which is a really nice touch.

Pom Pom at Home Laurel Oversize Throw

Pom Pom at Home


Laurel Oversize Throw

Consider the sophisticated textiles from Pom Pom at Home the “coastal grandma” of housewares. To say we’re obsessed would be an understatement. From the natural fibers to the muted, earthy colors, their oversize throws offer an instant Nancy Meyer’s worthy upgrade to your bedroom or living room. We love the way the Laurel Oversize Throw, with its stonewashed linen texture pulls our summertime bedroom look together.


It’s hard to pick a favorite, but we’re partial to the texture and softness of the stonewashed linen Laurel Oversize Throw which is the perfect summer blanket.

Lorena Canals zoco basket

Lorena Canals


Zoco Basket

Let’s stop throwing random toys, unworn clothes, and knick-knacks on closet floors— they end up piling up so high that organizing becomes too overwhelming. Instead, invest in some pretty baskets and store clothes, kids toys, skincare products, and more inside. This handmade basket is crafted from woven cotton, and is sized rather generously, so you won’t need many to declutter your home. Best of all, it has handles for easy transport!

Revival Flatweave Rug

Revival Rugs


Pétanque Rug

When you’re living in a house with wood floors, area rugs can provide your living space with a homey, welcoming vibe. This specific rug is unique in that it is made for indoor or outdoor use— and they’re made from water bottles (460-500 to be exact) which would have otherwise ended up in landfills.

Ruggable light grey shag rug



Shag Rug

If you’re looking for something a little cozier, you’ll love the modern shag styles from Ruggable. They’re fluffy and inviting, but what’s even more appealing is the fact that they’re also water-resistant, stain-resistant, and completely machine-washable. And while it’s not a total must, if you’ve got wood floors, I highly recommend their cushioned rug pad which makes it extra comfy for those impromptu floor naps and doesn’t move an inch.

Raquel Decorative Mirror



Decorative Mirror

Nothing can help make a space feel more open and alive than a well-placed mirror. This fresh, circular style is a fab addition to your entryway or bedroom with its go-with-everything bronze frame and impactful but not too big size.

Hanging Kitchen Basket

Kitchen Science


3 Tier Hanging Fruit Baskets

No need to leave bananas, yams, and other non-refrigerated fruits and veggies on the kitchen counter, causing clutter and less space for cooking. This basket comes with three rose gold colored tiers—small, medium, and large—and even two useful accessories, a watermelon and avocado slicer. Simply hang from a hook on the ceiling and enjoy the beauty of arranged fruit and your newfound counter space.

Cozy Earth Bamboo Comforter

Cozy Earth


Bamboo Comforter

This bamboo comforter is designed for year-round use, thanks to its temperature regulation. The filling inside doesn’t shift, which makes sleeping that much easier, no bumps and lumps forming in certain areas. But the best part is, it’s super soft and machine washable.

American Blossom Linens American Made Cotton Herringbobe Weave Blanket

American Blossom Linens


American Made Cotton Herringbobe Weave Blanket

This 100% American cotton blanket is available in two color options and three sizes: beige and navy blue, and full/queen, king, and throw. From “farm to bed,” these soft, cozy blankets are manufactured in a family-owned mill. The best part is, they are temperature controlled so you don’t sweat in the summer months or freeze throughout the colder seasons.

Urban Stems Tuckernuck Bouquet

Urban Stems


Tuckernuck Bouquet

Switching out fresh flowers is practically a necessity for giving your home a fresh new look whenever you want. This bouquet comes with it all: white roses, delphinium, Italian ruscus, and more. The beachy colors blend well with all furniture, and this arrangement is bursting with shades of white and green, in addition to blue and purple hues.

Sunday Citizen Burano Lumbar Pillow

Sunday Citizen


Burano Lumbar Pillow

We’re big fans of the year-round coziness of Sunday Citizen. Their signature knits are one of our favorite bedroom additions and while we love their neutrals, we can never resist a pop of color. Which is why we’re doubly psyched about this striped version of the ultra huggable lumbar pillow! Rich hues mixed with a full body snuggle buddy? Yes please.

Umbra Triflora Hanging Planter



Triflora Hanging Planter

The options for plant display have really expanded in recent years and we have to say, this one is pretty fabulous. Mounted in a window, the three pots are ideal for herbs, succulents and even trailing plants.

Jenni Kayne Leather Catchall

Jenni Kayne


Leather Catchall

From the coffee table to your nightstand, fancy up those bibs and bobs with a chic catchall. We’re particularly fond of the minimalist leather tray style from Jenni Kayne which is ready to host everything from your fancy candle to your Airpods.

open spaces entryway rack

Open Spaces


Entryway Rack

The versatile and stylish Entryway rack from the swoon-worthy Open Spaces look amazing in any room of the house, but the low profile really shines in kid spaces. The powder-coated steel minimalist shelf comes in seven colors (dark green, navy, light blue, cream, light pink, light blue and black) and the brand offers a variety of compatible bins to keep smaller things organized on the shelves.

Kohler Showerhead




Sure, you don’t need to switch out your current shower head on a regular basis like you enjoy doing with farm-fresh flowers. But what about splurging on a brand new one that’s equipped with Bluetooth or Alexa enabled technology, a removable wireless speaker that you can take with you on the go, and a magnetic charging dock? We don’t think shower time gets much better than that.

You even have the ability to use voice activation so you can make phone calls or perhaps listen to your favorite tunes; whatever you choose, you’re sure to have a blast. Bonus points: The shower head itself is visually appealing and has phenomenal water pressure.

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