1. Give her a massage. ?

image 1069

Guys, her back hurts. A lot! Don’t wait for her to ask—offer her a massage on your own. It doesn’t have to be spa-worthy, just a loving, relaxing rubdown.

Bonus points if you use lotion or oil.

3. Surprise her with treats. ?

image 1070

No, we don’t mean diamonds and pearls. We mean whip up a batch of brownies after dinner or come home with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

Win-win for everyone.

8. Tie or put on her shoes. ?

Seriously, offer to do this. It’s really considerate and it actually is hard for her to do. (Yes, she will happily take you up on it!)

2. Go grocery shopping. ?

“I’ll go to the store.” Pregnant women’s hearts around the world flutter each time they hear these five magic words.

Grocery shopping can be tiresome and sometimes hard to fit into your day. Take this chore off your baby mama’s hands once in a while (or always) to help relieve some stress.

(Other magical five-word combos: “Let me cook dinner tonight,” “I can fold the laundry,” “I’ll research that baby product”—you catch our drift.)

6. Show affection. ?

We’re going to let you in on a little secret of the motherhood—when we’re pregnant, we don’t always feel super sexy and attractive. Crazy, right?

So touch your wife, hug her, cuddle her, kiss her and tell her she’s beautiful. She appreciates it. Even during her mood swings.

Pregnancy is truly awesome in every sense of the word. But let’s face it—it’s also emotional, overwhelming and exhausting. This is not to say your partner doesn’t have to make any sacrifices. It’s just that the impacts are a little, er, different.

We put together a list of ways your husband can show you some extra lovin’ + make life a little easier on you. Share it with him + expect good things.

10. Give reassurance and positivity. ?

image 1071

Thinking about physically giving birth can be very scary for your wife. Engage fully in conversations about a birth plan and reassure your wife when she has doubts about it later.

Lend an ear when she needs to vent about her worries and fears. Be positive and supportive. Remind her that she’s strong and powerful—be her rock.

5. Turn down plans.

image 1072

Decline an invitation or remind your wife not to feel guilty for saying no to something that she doesn’t feel up for. During the journey of pregnancy, your preggo pal is not going to be able to do everything she wants to or feels obligated to do.

You could also attend something on behalf of the team and let your wife off the hook.

4. Plan a babymoon. ?

Come up with a few different options and price ranges for a trip to take before the baby arrives (and before your wife gets too uncomfortable to travel), and present them to your beautiful baby mama to see which option she’d enjoy most.

7. Attend appointments. ?

image 1073

Try to get to as many doctor or midwife appointments as you can. This will help you both feel like a team and ensure your wife doesn’t feel alone in this. Plus you’ll be clued in on all the wonders happening with her body and your growing baby!

9. Give her a pedicure. ?

Again—this doesn’t have to be spa-worthy. At all. But simply offering to paint her toenails can go a long, long way. Especially when she’s getting close to her due date and want to feel extra special for the big day. It’s nearly impossible for her to reach down to her toes (comfortably, at least!), so your offer will be much appreciated.

Think of all the husband points you’ll get when your honey gets to brag to her friends about her sweet and thoughtful partner.