1. When she snuggles her cutie + shares how thankful she is for her family. (You're doing something right, Drew.)

9. When she's totally chill about tantrums. (Tell us your secrets.)

“When my daughter's in the middle of somewhere having a little meltdown, you feel like you're the only person in the world dealing with that. But it's also really funny and silly, too."

11. When she fully appreciates the baby smell. (The.best.)

Me, Frankie and the flowers. #happymothersday
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12. That time she looked this happy. We're so glad, Drew. Keep rockin' motherhood.

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7. When she says super cute things about motherhood to Oprah like, “It's like having the worst crush of your life. I drive home with heart palpitations; I can't wait to get to her."

6. That time she proved how much we love her boss beach style.

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10. When she supports other awesome mamas.

2. That time she nailed the birthday cake game.

3. And again.

Happy first birthday to my sweet potato. My girl Frankie !
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5. When she praises other moms (her sister-in-law) for their work.

4. When she just gets us. On her post-baby body,

“I would much rather have my kids, and look a little worse in a bathing suit!"

PS: You look awesome in anything. We love you. But there's too much pressure placed on women to get their “pre-baby bodies" back right after baby. We're over it—we just want to enjoy our kids!

Drew Barrymore has shown us what cool is for years. From those cute pigtails in E.T. to her beachy vibes in 50 First Dates, to being one of Charlie's Angels—she can rock any style, and she is always unapologetically her awesome self.

Lately she's been rockin' motherhood and we're loving the #MomGoals she's giving us with her sweet girls Olive and Frankie.

8. That time she gushed over her mother-in-law's grandmother skills.

#happymotherinlawday #bestgrandmother #loveher #happymothersday
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