All of your baby's firsts will be memorable, but few are going to be as creative and fun as your baby's first Halloween costume . You get to dress them up—elaborately or not—and introduce them to a tradition that year after year brings families together (and offers an acceptable excuse to load up on sugar ). Sure, baby's first trick-or-treat will probably not register in their memory bank, but it will in yours. From a classic gum ball machine costume (my personal favorite) to a clever box of Cuties, these baby costumes are as cute and clever as they come, whether you're looking to flex your DIY skills or go costume shopping at Target. Either way, time to make some memories, mama.

Here are some adorable baby Halloween costumes to inspire you this year:

Easy DIY baby Halloween costumes:

2. Cookie Monster

cookie-monster-baby-costume Diary of a So Cal Mama Mmm... cookies! This super easy "no sew" DIY baby costume from Diary of a So Cal Mama involves a bright blue onesie, blue tutu, cut out felt and a hot glue gun. The matching cookie headband is a yummy addition to this deliciously adorable Cookie Monster costume.

3. Baby bat

baby-bat-halloween-costume This DIY involves purchasing a long sleeve black onesie, black and white striped leggings (or tights) and a black stocking hat. You'll have to sew (or hot glue) 2 swatches of black fabric (cut to look like wings) and cut holes in the stocking hat for eyes. Then, use a white fabric pen or paint to make the lines and you've got one cute little bat costume ready to go!

4. Pink baby shark

baby-shark-DIY-halloween-costume See Kate Sew Everyone's favorite ear worm song also makes the most adorable (and cozy!) baby Halloween costume. Check out See Kate Sew for all the easy DIY goodness.

5. Sweet lil' donut

donut-baby-costume Atkinson Drive Sam from Atkinson Drive created the sweetest baby Halloween costume you'll ever see. Love this scrumptious and simple no-sew DIY!

6. Gum ball machine

gum-ball-machine-baby-halloween-costume The Young Life/YouTube I mean, who can resist all this cuteness? And even better, The Young Life gives all the step-by-step instructions to this easy no sew DIY costume on her YouTube page .

7. Lil' old lady

old-lady-baby-halloween-costume Momma Survival Guide I mean, is there anything cuter? Plus, this whole costume from Momma Survival Guide would be pretty simple to recreate. Her hair cracks me up most of all!

8. A not super scary ghost

baby-ghost-halloween-costume 5 Little Monsters Cute > spooky. This DIY from 5 Little Monsters is about a cute and simple as they come, and I love that you'll be able to wear almost all of it again over and over!

9. Aerobics teacher

aerobics-instructor-baby-halloween-costume Primary Nothing like bringing the 80s back. Primary is a great resource for no-sew DIY projects, Halloween or otherwise. And in fact, cute clothes in general! This one would be so easy to put together, though I must admit the boom box seems like a crucial part of the costume.

10. Max from 'Where The Wild Things Are'

where-the-wild-things-are-halloween-costume A Knight Owl Blog This baby is "ready for the rumpus" and so can your baby with this easy tutorial from A Knight Owl blog.

11. A box of Cuties

box-of-cuties-baby-halloween-costume Primary does it again with the cutest DIY baby Halloween costume ideas. And this one is nutritious, too!

Baby Halloween costumes you can buy (the easiest kind of DIY!):

13. Little koala

koala-baby-costume Koalas are my favorite animal, so this one from Bed, Bath & Beyond particularly speaks to me! What a cute (and snugly) costume.

14. A cup of noodles

oodles-of-noodles-ramen-baby-halloween-costume Babies are too young to enjoy them, but they do look adorably cute as ramen noodles!

15. Flamingo

flamingo-baby-costume Party City I'm sorry, but this flamingo Halloween costume from Party City is completely adorable. Available in sizes 6-12 months and 12-24 months.

16. Astronaut

astronaut-halloween-baby-costume Blast off! This astronaut costume from Pottery Barn Kids comes in sizes from 0-6 months to 12-24 months.

17. Baby Junior Giraffe

giraffe-baby-costume This spotted giraffe costume from Target will keep your little one warm and cozy while they're out trick-or-treating.

18. Little avocado

avocado-baby-costume One of the best parts of this costume (other than the fact that it's adorable) is the reusable aspect. Baby can keep wearing the shirt and leggings after Halloween is over! Available in sizes 0-3 months through 24 months.

19. Velociraptor

baby-dinosaur-halloween-costume Roar! This velociraptor costume from Halloween Costumes comes in sizes from 0-3 months to 12-18 months.

20. Le Petit Prince

le-petit-prince-baby-halloween-costume This handmade Le Petit Prince costume on Etsy it a keepsake item for sure. Absolutely precious!

21. Lamb

baby-lamb-halloween-costume Baa! This baby lamb costume from Wal-Mart is cuddly and sweet, just like a real lamb. Available in sizes 6-12 months and 12-48 months.

22.  Spider

baby-spider-halloween-costume This creepy crawly insect from Party City never looked so cute.

23. Chicken

baby-chicken-halloween-costume This costume is a pricey one, but pretty priceless in terms of the cute factor. And perhaps your little one will like to wear his chicken hat all winter long?

24. Penguin

baby-penguin-halloween-costume Your little one will be the cutest birdie on the block in this baby penguin costume!

25. Personalized Dorothy costume

Warmer October climates would suit this Dorothy romper with coordinating shoes and headband from Etsy perfectly! Personalized or not, this one is perfect for trick-or-treating on the yellow brick road.

26. Baby shark costume

baby-shark-halloween-costume This warm and cozy shark costume from Kohl's is currently on sale. Love that you can wear the pants over and over again, too!

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